“I feel at a loss for words. You’ve rendered me speechless, and THAT doesn’t happen often.
I just can’t thank you enough for the deep work and insight and LOVE you have given to me. Such clarity and grace, what a profound gift. Thank you.

It’s a miracle is what it is. (and as The Course in Miracles defines it, a “miracle is a shift in perception”). So, yep, we’re in the midst of a bonafide miracle.

Thank you for helping me to clear the way for amazing grace.”

Danielle LaPorte, Bestselling Author and Speaker, Creator of The Desire Map

Christine Kane

“Hiro has given me the tools to clearly see, manage and deliberately shift my emotional patterns and energetic system. I was slowly losing power and even will. Hiro helped me stop allowing my business to rule and run me. She taught me how to step within and realign my soul with my operations, marketing, sales and purpose.”

Christine Kane, President & Founder, Uplevel You.

Brigitte Boudreau

“When I came to Hiro I was at a crossroads in my business. I knew the next chapter would require a leap of faith, but I was afraid to jump. Just hearing Hiro’s melodious voice calmed my agitated soul. She guided me through a visualization where she introduced me to the Deva of my business.

Turns out my business had a lot to say to me. It was very clear about where it wanted to go and that it was time for the next chapter. It reminded me that there’s nothing to fear, because my success resides within me. My energy shifted in that moment, it was as if I’d arrived back in my body, and my power. I felt this sense of rightness and momentum. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it. I kid you not, as soon as the session was over, new opportunities came pouring in — I was literally being pulled into my next phase.

Then in two subsequent sessions, Hiro gave me sage, straight-up business advice.

If you’re looking for the perfect alchemy between practical and spiritual business advice, Hiro is simply the best.

— Bridgette Boudreau, Coach, Founder of The Wild Life

Renu Murik

“Working with Hiro has been a truly transformational experience. As I venture into the new world of my own business and bring my business concept to tangible reality, Hiro gracefully guides me. During this journey, I have stepped into my own sovereignty by applying the practical tools and energy-centered techniques Hiro teaches to my business and throughout my life. Hiro helps me capture the essence of my business, and widen my horizons far beyond what I imagined could be possible. Hiro showed me the potential of my vision, and shared practical guidance on how it can evolve and be nurtured over time.

I feel truly privileged and grateful to count Hiro as a role model and inspiration.”

Renu Murik, NYC, Busy Professional and Creator of Bliss and Radiance

Yiye Zhang

“I had the privilege to be guided and mentored by Hiro for six months this year. I needed to release old programming and culturally imposed fears so my business could grow. Although I knew that Hiro is a masterful teacher, I hesitated initially. Because I was relatively new in this industry, I wasn’t sure if I was “good enough” to work with someone like Hiro so intimately. I am so glad that I trusted my inner voice. As soon as I filled in my application form, where I acknowledged my deep fears, miracles happened in my life and the world of my business. Soon after I started working with Hiro, I had my first 5-figure month. Now my community base has more than doubled.

It was truly an adventure for both me and my business. It was also one of the most challenging times in my adult life, as I was changing and evolving at the atomic level. Fears, doubt and confusion all came up, but what I’m most grateful for is that Hiro has always held an impeccable standard for me. She was there to hold me accountable, she always had my back and encouraged me to be patient working through my “stuff” while not losing sight of the bigger picture. There are many qualities which I thought rekindled and strengthened from working with Hiro: Discernment, Power, Individuality, Sovereignty…just to name a few.

Hiro walks her talk by how she shapes her business and how she guides you when you are in her world. Hiro, thank you so much for being a continuous guide, inspiration and role model for me. What a gift you are to the world!”

Yiye Zhang, Financial Intuitive & Guide

Havi Brooks

“I have worked with Hiro for a few years now, and it shows.

In every minute of every day I find myself putting into practice techniques and concepts she’s given me. I’m able to do that because her work has helped me have a stronger relationship with myself.

Because of this work, I trust my instincts more. I sabotage myself less. I let myself have more fun.

I spend more time giggling over silliness and feeling appreciative, and less time feeling hurt and resentful.

Hiro has helped me to grow strong, compassionate, flexible healthy boundaries, and to believe this is something I get to have.

It is Hiro’s loving support and wise guidance that helped me create the Playground, and be the director it deserves.

Meeting Hiro is the best thing that has happened to me and my business.”

Havi Brooks, The Fluent Self

Renee Peterson Trudeau

“In the age of Internet marketing hype, Hiro is a rare luminary, a sage, a way shower and a visionary. Her warm, strong, empowering presence helps you to remember who you are and that it’s your birthright and your joy to let your light shine. Hiro is now a key member of my business advisory circle/support network and I look forward to tapping into her wisdom for years to come!”

Renee Peterson Trudeau, Life balance coach, speaker and author

Alexandra Franzen

“I knew Hiro was powerful. I knew she was well-loved. I knew I was in for something…transformative. I did not expect, quite frankly, to have what can only be termed an out-of-body experience, and conclude our hour together drenched in sweat, sobbing, and shaking — in the most beautiful way imaginable.

Hiro helped me to speak directly to an aspect of my inner self that was basically throwing a tantrum — and with good reason. I’m crying as I write these words — the experience was that vivid.

As entrepreneurs, we craft our language carefully, strive to communicate with compassion, and place ourselves in our clients’ minds, to better serve their needs. We rarely approach our inner dialogues with that same level of care & intelligence. Hiro will masterfully help you to do just that. So, drink a lot of water and lie down somewhere soft. And prepare to evolve, in every sense of the word.”

Alexandra Franzen, Promotional Wordsmith

Christine Martell

“I felt drained and overwhelmed by my business. I had lost my sense of connection to the creativity so central to my life. In my first session with Hiro I felt a powerful sense of re-connection to myself, and my energy and sense of direction started returning. I began to see how my business needed to shift. I also realized I wanted to reclaim my artist self and more fully integrate her into my business life. I have returned to painting to help me move forward, and I’ve noticed a renewed clarity about when I need to say yes, and when to say no.

Hiro also has a beautiful voice with a melodic quality that is delightful to listen to. Her guided meditations seep into the cellular level and warm my heart. It’s like being wrapped by a sacred witness and gently guided on my way.”

Christine Martell, VisualsSpeak

Dylan Emrys

“I was having a difficult time creating a job and income. I wanted to know what was blocking me energetically from attracting money, but also what was limiting my motivation to support myself and my daughter. I was very resistant to doing what needed to be done to be successful.

As the weeks went by, I could feel myself shifting and opening up. By the time we were done, I had a job that fit my needs perfectly, and motivation to begin developing my private practice at the same time.”

Dylan Emrys, What Your Baby Knows

Meg Siddheshwari Sullivan

“I had two sessions with Hiro, and made a leap forward with my landing pages after each session.

I had been working on them for months. After countless revisions, I got absolutely stuck. After my first session with Hiro, I was able to sit for several hours and really get clear about what I wanted. I made some changes – and then I got stuck again. After the second session, I was able to make the final changes and finish the work.

Thank you Hiro for your amazing abilities, which you offer so graciously.”

Meg Siddheshwari Sullivan, Reiki Center East Bay

“My work with Hiro allowed fresh air, light, and deliciousness to flow into my life. I had completed energy work before, but I found Hiro’s way of working so deeply nurturing and encouraging.

I had been craving more grace, ease, and joy in my life — alongside a greater sense of lightness, creativity, and sovereignty. I had been struggling with a pervading sense of overwhelm and needed coping mechanisms. I wanted to love the life I have, knowing it was the one I had chosen wholeheartedly.

Hiro’s tools felt natural and familiar to me. And our work together freed me creatively. Since our time together, I’ve been experimenting with creative writing and pieces of art. I’m playing with the possibilities. I’m taking my time and exploring my world with a sense of profound calm and delight.”

Merry Sawdey

Shannon Wilkinson

“Our sessions have been beyond my expectations! I’m still marveling at how you helped me sort out just what I needed to pay attention to, and then how gently and powerfully you worked with me.

I feel so lucky knowing that I have you to turn to, even when I’m not really sure what the problem is. I always know your voice will soothe me, your questions will open me up and your comments and observations will give me guidance.”

Shannon Wilkinson, Life Coach

Bahieh Amélia Khamsi

“When I first heard about Hiro’s work, I was longing for more connection with my essence. I was often running in circles and giving my productive energy away to overwhelm and confusion. I had a strong sense of purpose, but I was at a loss when it came to manifesting this in the world.

When I started my work with Hiro, I was expecting big shifts but I also expected this to require a tremendous effort from me. In the end, I found out that the discipline of showing up and being present with what was emerging was all it took to ensure a smooth process.

My biggest revelation was realizing that all I had been looking to learn from Hiro was already inside of me. But it took her gentle support, listening ear, and a compassionate community to draw it out of me. The work around presence and grounding will serve me for a lifetime.”

Bahieh Amélia Khamsi, psychologist and coach

Joey Remenyi, Founder & Director Seeking Balance International, Vestibular Audiologist,

Cynthia Occelli, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker,

“Working with Hiro is one of the most powerful transformational experiences I have enjoyed in a long life of transformational experiences.

She is the real deal and that is something, as you know, that is rare in our hyper-inflated show-me-the-money times.

Her knowledge and wisdom is vast, her ability to help you shift extraordinary, and her heart shines so brightly.

I find myself grinning just writing this – she is that real and that good.”

Jennifer Louden, Best-selling Author & Teacher

“Hiro is the perfect coach for me. She is strong, smart, easy to understand, and able to support the dynamic and ever evolving needs of my healer, artist, and entrepreneurial selves. It has taken years to find someone with a balance of spiritual acumen, business insight, and unbridled joy that is approachable, nimble, and a hoot of a good time.

Over the course of two years, I’ve eased into a relationship with Hiro and her offerings. It all started with an online course, Become Your Own Business Advisor. BYOBA introduced me to the soul of my business and taught me to co-create a way forward that supported both the business and myself. I was able to learn how to tune in to the organic pattern for my business’s evolution while honoring what felt natural for my personal evolution and growth.

After BYOBA, I signed up for a small group six-month experience, CREATE. CREATE lifted and breathed life into my artist self. The course structure, built in supports, and Hiro’s direct feedback during group calls all worked in concert to keep me inspired, actively creating, and open to greater possibilities for my projects. I watched myself and others move from thinking differently to actually behaving differently. Hiro lit a fire in all of us! It was just plain incredible. CREATE did such a great job of guiding my artist self, that I knew I needed additional support to keep it going once the program ended. So, before I even finished the CREATE program, I signed up for private mentoring.

After the very first session of mentoring I was blown away and awake with the content of our conversation. Hiro tuned in and turned my attention to the areas of my business most in need of alignment. She offered practical and easily implemented advice to address these areas, allowing me to resolve everything over the next month with efficiency and integrity.

At the end of every mentoring call with Hiro I have at least one full page of notes, action items, and the deep seeded clarity needed to support my next steps. I leave every encounter with her feeling clear, grounded, motivated, and able to focus on energy and actions that allow me to connect to the outcomes I desire most.

Since working with Hiro, my family and closest friends have noticed a difference in both my enthusiasm and energy for life and subsequently, work. I am more relaxed, less stressed, exceptionally optimistic, and more comfortable with the “unknowns” in life. I regularly share Hiro’s “jewels” with my family and friends, so much so that they look forward to my mentoring sessions too.

Hiro meets you with a gentle certainty and creates the space for you to either generate or simply receive exactly what you need to act, adjust, and move forward. If your reality requires you to be a healer, hold space, or facilitate self-healing for others, Hiro is the secret support you’ve always wanted but did not necessarily realize you needed. Working with Hiro is kind of like seeing a panda and hummingbird dancing a tango under a rainbow shining chocolate, cherries, coconuts, and champagne. It’s unexpected, energized, and full of delicious surprises.”

Daveda Russell, Founder & Chief Strategist,

“Whether it’s demons you’re wrestling with… or old baggage. Conflicted feelings. A sense of living a ‘muffled’ life. Of fighting with life with one part of you; craving peace with the other. Getting aligned with your most fierce, purposeful work…

All of these have improved beyond recognition since I’ve been working regularly with Hiro! As you consider this for yourself, my wish for you is this same feeling of being absurdly blessed by strength, and peace.

What’s next for me? Energy galore and certainty in my step for the work ahead, for our planet, and humanity.”

Andrea J. Lee, International activist; Coach; Author & Speaker

Sherold Barr

“My session with Hiro was powerful. She helped me clear old patterns, beliefs and karma that no longer serve me, so I can discover the world around me from a fresh perspective.

She also helped me connect to my emerging future, which is more creatively balanced and fulfilling my Soul’s purpose. Her guidance in how to think about the new book that I have begun to write was paradigm shifting and priceless.”

Sherold Barr, Entrepreneur, mentor, and founder of Smart Women Make Money

Helen Hunter Mackenzie |

“My Soul & Strategy Session with Hiro was a singular experience. Attention, focus, compassion: she showered me with all of this. And her perception goes deep — like, soul level deep. She works not only in the realm of the strategic and logistical, but the mystical and intuitive.

She helped me clear old, garbage-y energy that’s been with me probably for centuries in all sorts of incarnations — and afterward I felt so much lighter, freer, more able to see clearly how I’d been holding myself back in crucial ways in my life and business.

She showed up with ideas that were unique. There was never a moment where I thought, “Yeah, yeah. . . I’ve heard this a million times,” or, “Yes, I’ve already thought of that.” Her perspective is fresh, inviting, easeful, logical, strategic, creative.

I also LOVED the playful reframe she gave me for one of my most pernicious beliefs about myself. It still makes me chuckle, or even laugh out loud at its absurdity, now that she helped me see it for what it is.

Peace, calm, confidence: these are the internal gifts I received from my session with Hiro. Ideas, strategies, wisdom: these are the external gifts I am using to craft the next steps in my business.

Specifically, she helped me refine my plans for my newly launched digital copywriting agency, so I could start with the nearer-term next steps instead of getting too lost in the overwhelming big-picture vision. She helped me better define my clientele, so I can focus only on those businesses I can best serve. And she came up with an ingenious idea for combining my coaching and writing skills to provide my ideal client with an unparalleled experience working with my agency.

I’m still implementing all that she suggested, and these are just some of the ideas that came out of our strategy session. We covered a LOT of ground in a relatively short amount of time; Hiro is masterful at making the time seem spacious and free-flowing, while offering tons of concrete, actionable ideas.

If you’re looking for business mentoring that will speak to the heart, the head, and everything else, look no further. Hiro offers the complete package.”

Helen Hunter Mackenzie, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Strategist, Copywriter

Lea Hamann

“I came to Hiro knowing that I wanted my business to grow so I could help more people and create a more abundant life — but I had no idea how to do that.

Traditional business ideas repelled me and I couldn’t imagine using strategies that are not aligned with the deeper values of my work.

After the first session of my mentoring immersion with Hiro I knew: This is it. She can help me get where I want to go — fast.

Hiro helped me to release old stories that didn’t serve me anymore. I learned how to shape my business, how to create a business that I love with all my heart.

Working with Hiro, my business has grown on all levels. What is most important for me — my business reflects who I am and what I value in life.

I have never met anyone who works with energy as powerfully as Hiro. I often feel, during a session, that mountains are being moved for me. And she does it with kindness, absolute clarity and a deep commitment to wholeness.”

Lea Hamann, Coach and teacher

Aase Lium-Hall

“For the past six months I have looked forward to my time with Hiro with the anticipation of a young child meeting the new kid next door. Every session, I would meet myself (the new kid next door) with greater compassion, kindness, and certainty regarding my life’s work.

I have danced around my creativity for years — always allowing the intellect, and rational mind to lead the way at the expense of my happiness, and health. Now, my creative side is taking the lead role in my most exciting adventure thus far — my new clothing line and store named leka (which means “to play” in Swedish).

I am bursting with gratitude for these past six months with Hiro.

Hiro has the wisdom and kindness of a midwife, the skill and precision of a surgeon, the creative imagination of an artist, and the heart and laugh of a great GODDESS incarnate. She is truly the Best of the Best.

If there is one area that I would not scrimp on in starting my new business, it would be working with Hiro.

I would recommend her to anyone and everyone in business, wanting to be in business, or simply in the business of being alive!

Working with Hiro these past six months has been the best thing I could have done for my existing business, my new business, and my happiness.

Thank you, Hiro, forever and for always. Our time together will always be cherished, and kept sacred.”

Aase Lium-Hall, Designer

Lindsay McLeod

“In the past four years there have been many mornings when I woke up under a dark cloud, which was hard to shift. My session with Hiro helped me turn the corner.

My family relationships are shifting, clarifying and becoming simpler as the effects ripple out.
It is a huge blessing, getting to a place where I can live authentically at last.”

Lindsay McLeod, Guru Body

Rebecca Leigh

“Hiro showed me how to gently unravel the knots in which I had tied myself, and how to receive the compassionate and nourishing energy I desperately needed.

Through her gifted guidance I discovered the truth – I can accept with gratitude all that is me, my gift, my power, my difference, my way of being. From this place of wholeness I can release the judgment and worry – knowing it was never truly mine.”

Rebecca Leigh, Smart Fresh Writing

“When I decided to embark on a new writing project I had a vague feeling that something was missing in my approach. I wasn’t clear where the problem lay, but Hiro saw something in me that I was unable to see in myself. After one hour I was clearer about what was jamming me up. She showed me the significance of placing my creative work at the center of my life, and that protecting this my creative space will allow my work to flow more readily.

I’ve been writing more clearly ever since. Spending time with Hiro gave me an opening into the deepest part of myself – and some utterly practical suggestions. This is the blessing of Hiro.”

Kate Small

Tara Bliss, Entrepreneur, Founder of Rebels of Light,

“Not only is Hiro my business whisperer, she’s also my soul whisperer. Through our mentoring work together, I have accessed a level of strength, confidence, and leadership that, up until this point in my entrepreneurial journey, had remained elusive.

Our conversations are part healing sessions, part strategy sessions, and total soul sessions. Through my work with Hiro, I have an integrated strength and clear understanding of how all the parts of my business and my life work together.

This is where strategy meets soul, doing meets being, and action meets surrender. This is the most peace and trust I have felt in all the years since I started my business.

Grounding. Refreshing. Real. Sustainable. Magical. Practical. Wise. Truth with a capital T. The shifts within me are seismic, yet they’ve occurred so gradually and effortlessly. I’ve never felt more held or supported in my business and creative process.

Hiro is one of the most profound and important mentors in my life. She doesn’t just tell me what to do or how to do it, she teaches me how to listen to my own guidance and partner with the Devas and my own soul. Hiro is a co-creative, collaborative partner in the truest sense of the word.

Working with her is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself and my business. My revenues tripled, and my business is set for even more organic, effortless growth this year.”

Julie Santiago, Coach, former Wall Street trader, Creator of the Gratitude Circle.

“I have consulted with Hiro at a variety of transition stages in my business when I required a deep level of insight and guidance. Her deeply powerful sessions always left me both clear on the right business direction and super-charged with excitement and purpose.

Few people understand the human and spiritual side of business like Hiro does. She is a powerful mentor, and an ally of self-empowerment, sovereignty and the grace that lives within all of us.”

Pamela Slim, Creator of Escape From Cubicle Nation and the K’é Main Street Learning Lab

Anna Lovind

“I’ve had so many breakthroughs since we started working together, I don’t even know where to begin!

It’s been a transformative business makeover, yes, but so much more than that.

With your help, not only did I create a course that was an immediate financial success, but one that is sharper, more profound, more wonderfully and radically creative, more me than I could have ever dreamed of when I started.

What we ended up doing together was shaping a whole new way of working and being.

You helped me see all the ways I didn’t take care of myself, all the ways I held myself back and kept my business small, and you gave me the tools to grow and expand far beyond those limitations.

Exit striving, pushing and hiding, enter powerful creative flow and sweet success.
I feel like I’ve finally bridged the gap between the life I was living and the creative life of my dreams.

I could not have done this without you.”

Anna Lovind, Writer & Editor

Tara Bliss |

“Hiro’s entire tone has moved me so deeply that she’s been on my vision board for the past 6 years! To have her presence in my life today is a Soul collaboration I don’t take for granted.

Most profound is the way Hiro has guided me ‘back’ to creative clarity after years of feeling as though I were in a drought. Her insight, tenderness and practical wisdom are invaluable to me. I feel empowered and delighted to be living with my Soul at the center of my life; a way of being that I have learned through Hiro’s support.”

Tara Bliss, Entrepreneur, Founder of Rebels of Light

Nathalie Lussier

“The work Hiro and I have been doing together for the past 6 months has given my business solid roots and sustainable growth. I’ve learned so much from Hiro’s balanced approach to life and business. I’m lucky to call her my coach.

Here are some of the tangible things that have resulted from our sessions: I’ve hired a new business manager to liberate me from the day-to-day operations of my company. I launched and sold out a new offering that Hiro and I shaped together in less than 48 hours; worked through tough decisions; and fleshed out the next version of my live event.

In addition to the effects on my business, we have done personal work to heal family dynamics, and I have learned how to grow into my own business adviser role even more fully. Wow — it’s amazing how much we were able to create together! Thank you so much, Hiro.”

Nathalie Lussier, Media and Marketing Specialist

Sherrold Jackson Arnold

“I came to Hiro feeling very stuck in my business and my whole life in general. I felt deeply called to serve in a bigger way but was wracked by fear and confusion that kept me in a swirl of indecision and inaction.

Over the course of our six-month mentoring relationship, I received truly holistic care and wisdom on every level of my being – from energy healing of some deep karmic baggage to practical ways of cultivating my own spiritual discernment and connection.

The shifts that have occurred since the start of our mentoring relationship are nothing short of remarkable – from clarifying my business offerings that deeply align with my soul to having more energy and joy when I get up in the morning. I am now offering classes, healings and talks to people in places of loss and transition…something not even on my radar before my work with Hiro.
Having Hiro as my intuitive mentor and coach transformed every part of my life. Our sessions together were a wonderful combination of spiritual nourishment, healing renewal and practical tools for energetic clarity and connection.

Nowadays, I am moving forward with laser-like clarity and focus, making decisions from a place of greater centeredness and wholeness, and feeling abundant spiritual support every step of the way.

Hiring Hiro was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and business, hands-down. Whether you hire Hiro for a single session or long-term support, she is an amazing healer who facilitates big shifts and piercing insights to clear the way for your true radiance to shine forth in the world.”

Shannon Jackson Arnold

Fabeku Fatunmise

“I needed to find inner clarity around expressing a new facet of my work in a way that was clear, effective and able to reach people.

Hiro left me open-mouthed with awe. She has an exceptional ability to see and articulate inner dynamics in a way that’s real and practical. She embodies the very essence of clear seeing. And while leading me through deep work, her gentle spirit allowed me to feel perfectly safe and cared for every step of the way.”

Fabeku Fatunmise

Kate Byrne

“Working with Hiro as an immersion client has been the most incredible journey of homecoming I’ve ever experienced. Her brilliance is truly one of a kind.

As a result of her coaching and care, I gained the insight, skills and courage I needed to become more myself and to easily support my business as it transformed into what it needs to be – free of doubt and judgment.

Hiro taught me practical techniques I now use almost every day to bring all the parts of myself into full alignment. Imagine feeling like every part of you is on board with the decisions you make. Imagine how confident and supported you would feel. That is the gift Hiro has given me.

Her unique combination of generosity, energetic connection and business know-how is awesome. If you have a chance to work with her, don’t hesitate. Do it!”

Kate Byrne, Business Strategist

Victoria Brouhard

“When I first started working with Hiro five months ago, I felt stuck in a job that paid the bills but left me with no energy or time to start my coaching business. I was scared, worn out, and in physical pain. We had been trying to sell our investment property for a long time with no buyers. This made life even more stressful. I couldn’t see a way out.

Now, not only have I launched my business, I’ve quit my job and am happily working on my business full time. That investment property? It’s rented!

It’s hard to put into words just how much working with Hiro has helped me in this process.

My work with Hiro has become an essential part of my business education. I can’t thank her enough for all of her help, support and wisdom.”

Victoria Brouhard, Creating Your Entrepreneurial Life

“You know those Madeline books, where Miss Clavel wakes up in the middle of the night, raises her index finger and says, ‘Something is not right!?’

One year ago, I had that feeling about my business.

I’d built a successful asset management company, but there was no denying that feeling of having a large elephant trapped in a tiny room — perhaps doing lots of damage. And to my great frustration, that elephant was invisible. If I could just see the elephant, I could fix the problem. I am a woman of action, after all, who does nothing by halves. But I was so ‘in the middle’ of my business, I had no clue as to where to find the polka dotted pachyderm that was stomping through my work life.

Did you guess? The elephant in the room was me.

Hiro was superb at helping me see the things that had accumulated over the life cycle of my business — old habits, dated beliefs, barnacles on the boat.

I learned that you need to evolve as your business evolves. Otherwise, you get in your own way.
Over the past year, I’ve worked with Hiro every week. I’ve really come to appreciate the wisdom that she brings to bear, and the questions that she asks. In working with Hiro, I’ve become much more sensitive to subtleties. Where I once said, ‘something is not right,’ I can now say, ‘I know exactly what’s not right!’ And when I know what’s not right, I can take action, and so can you.

If you’re flummoxed, feeling out of sync, or sense that your business needs something to move forward — but you don’t know what that something might be — Hiro’s work around boundaries and sovereignty is critical.

I gave sessions with Hiro to a wide range of friends and they were all blown away. I’m not surprised — I trust Hiro completely.

If the business you’ve built feels like a lovely, cozy campfire — but what you really want is purple and green and blue sparks, lighting up the night sky — she’s the one for you.
It’s inexplicable. But it will change your life.”

M.G., NYC, Founder and CEO of $2 billion asset management firm

Jocelyn Kahn

“Sometimes, the surface of my life gets so roiled up that I have trouble seeing past it. When that happens, I’m glad I can go to Hiro for help in accessing the deep, timeless parts of myself where the answers lie. Immediately, I feel enveloped in the sense of crisp, calm clarity she exudes. Hiro gets to the core of each issue with illuminating, grounded and quite specific intuitive insights.”

Jocelyn Kahn, Truly Profound Relief

Lisa Claudia Briggs

“My multiple sessions with Hiro have been the most powerful I have experienced to date. She is a gifted healer and her depth of knowing and seeing are truly “heaven-sent”. I have really loved our work together on every level.

Hiro is present in the most sacred and loving ways. Her own beautiful energy perfectly infuses and guides each session, and provides me with exactly what I am needing in the moment, and then out into the daily workings of my life. She has been a gift and a blessing in my life.”

Lisa Claudia Briggs, Intuitive Body

“What has happened since I began working with Hiro six months ago has been nothing short of miraculous. Before engaging in this mentorship, I was running a business that was successful, yet I had an immense, deep feeling that I was still finding many ways/reasons to stay small and stay invisible. I had lots of ideas and wisdom and energy, but I fell short on following through with action, specifically when following through had anything to do with being public-facing and using my voice across broader landscapes.

I didn’t know quite what to expect from this work with Hiro; however, from the beginning I knew that it would be powerful. After I hung up the consultation call with Hiro and she had invited me to become a client, I burst into tears with gratitude .

After only a handful of sessions, an idea came through for me to create a group program for business leaders, and Hiro encouraged me to pursue it. I hesitated. She walked me through the mindset work needed to take another step. I faltered, and she grabbed my hand and hoisted me back up. I made a vulnerable choice that I was starting to regret, and she opened my awareness to a more expansive view point.

She pushed me beyond where I would have gone myself with love, clarity, and possibility. And then, to my utter disbelief, I was creating and running a mastermind experience for 18 outstanding leaders across the world. It felt instantaneous. I look back and marvel at how I have journeyed across the vast lengths of my inner and outer worlds in only 12 conversations with Hiro.

Hiro is powerful in every sense of the word. She guides with her heart. She generously shares her wisdom. She serves as a brilliant example to me of what is possible when trust combines with action. And then she opens the door for me to step further into myself and walk through. What I have found on the other side of that door is a version of myself who is more centered, grounded, self-aware, powerful, and blissed out than ever before. I can literally feel the becoming happening in every fiber of my being and it is exhilarating.”

Christine Owenell, Founder of Owenell Global Consultancy

“Working with Hiro is an investment in yourself and your business. As I completed the process of applying for a mentorship with her, I found myself emerging into the clarity of what I needed to accomplish, and why it was important to me to achieve my objectives.

Hiro responded quickly to my application, and I sensed the bridging between my needs and their actualization nearly immediately.

Our meetings generated a lot of work, which I thoroughly enjoyed completing. Bit by bit my business up-leveled, its message and offering clear and succinct, the strategy refined and clear.

The return on my investment is not just monetary, though that’s absolutely occurring. I am breathing the rarified air of a business that resonates with me and my market, and that brings me joy.”

Jill Leigh, Teacher & Founder of the Energy Healing Institute

Tricia Karp, Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

“Being mentored by Hiro over these last seven years has been life changing. Speaking from my deepest heart, I don’t know where I would be right now without her support, wisdom and guidance.

My life has transformed from one that didn’t fit me at all, to one that does — spectacularly and beautifully. And my business is flowing at a rate bigger than I ever imagined.

My business has more than quadrupled in size since working with Hiro. It feels wonderful and true — in alignment with my soul and heart and life.

After years of doing my business all on my own, I now have solid support in my corner. I’ve done so much work with other coaches before, but Hiro is the most powerful healer and mentor I’ve ever experienced. She is deeply worth the investment.”

Leonie Dawson, Bestselling Author & Online Business Mentor

The transformative work I have been doing, with infinitely clear and kind guidance from Hiro, has opened entirely new layers of integration and homecoming within me.

As a woman leader, it is invaluable to have Hiro by my side. She supports me by always holding the larger universal perspective, with profound clear-seeing and energy clearing, while being utterly practical and rooted in the real.

We are indeed blessed to be alive on planet Earth at a time when a woman like Hiro walks among us.

I bow.

Chameli Ardagh, Founder

Jill Knouse

“During the year that I’ve worked with Hiro, I’ve experienced transformation and growth on so many levels. I have transformed patterns of self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs, and fears of stepping out in a bigger way, fears of being truly seen. The work is challenging, enlightening, often scary and always incredibly beautiful. I feel supported and gently encouraged to accept myself — all of my selves, really. Hiro consistently, lovingly nudges me to create and offer what only I can, based on my life, my story, my heart and my soul’s deepest desire.

Each time we meet, Hiro invites me to remember who I really am, and that everything is happening purposefully, at the right time and in the right way. It feels like coming home. As a result, I have experienced great success in my business. I continue to attract just the right yoga teachers to my advanced yoga teacher training program. My recent yoga retreat to Mexico was completely sold out. And, amazing opportunities continue to manifest — like a recent invitation to teach five classes at Wanderlust California 2014!

Hiro’s energy work, combined with her creative, effective business strategies have opened up unimaginable possibilities for my business. I am so incredibly blessed to have connected with Hiro at the exact time I have needed her knowledge, intuition and guidance most. She has forever changed my life and continues to reshape my view of what is possible for me, for my soul and for the soul of my business.”

Jill Knouse

Trish Elting

“Before deciding to work with Hiro, I spent a long time searching for the right support to grow my business. I had been mentored by folks in my field, and even looked into high-end business coaching programs, but none of them felt right.This year of being mentored by Hiro has been truly transformative. The first shift happened when I realized I’d spent years trying to build a business I didn’t actually want. Hiro helped me step back and take a good look at every aspect of my business, and then gently guided me to connect with the heart and soul of my business so I could transform it into something I love and support with all my being.Our work together resulted in a gorgeous new website, new offerings that I can truly stand behind, and a new way of interacting with my business on a daily basis. Since I made these changes there has been steady growth in my mailing list; clients that are a perfect match keep showing up; and new opportunities continue to appear.

Though there has been a lot of growth in my business as a result of working with Hiro, the biggest shift happened in me. I feel so much more at peace with my business and how I interact with it, and I have so much more confidence and clarity in my work and what I offer to the world. Fears of moving forward and insecurities about not being ‘good enough’ have faded away.

When our year together came to an end I felt a little sad. I didn’t know if I would be able to do this on my own. But, when it was time to say good-bye I felt like a bird that had been set free to fly on my own. I felt strong, and ready to do this, and I’ve been flying confidently every since.
Thank you, Hiro! Thank you for your gentle guidance and nourishing support. Thank you for seeing me as a unique individual and never reducing our work to a formula. Thank you for seeing the potential in both me and my business, but mostly thank you for your presence and your kindness through this process.”

Trish Elting, Yoga teacher, Inner peace maker, semi-retired rockstar

Kelly Parkinson

“Hiro, this is really a combined thank-you letter and testimonial.

When we started working together, my goal was to feel like writing more. I felt burnt out, and it was making me afraid. I wanted you to help me find a way to squeeze more billable hours out of myself. I know how ridiculous that sounds now – overworked person wanting to feel like working more – but that was my mindset.

Fast forward to now: I’ve repositioned my business to bring out more of the qualities I want it to have – qualities that make me feel happy and energized. I’m working with the best clients in the world. I’ve added amazingly talented writers to my team so I’m scalable. I’ve started a new, high-end program that calls on my secret superpowers. My website is about to be redesigned to better reflect the experience of working with me. I’ve also just had the best three months in my business ever. Revenue this year is up 54% over last year.

This wasn’t your goal – but it was an outcome of our work together.

I can’t do anything that’s not good for me.

Yes, I’ve been applying actual marketing tactics and it’s not all just magical fairy dust. But I already knew how to do these things. The difference is that now I’m heading up the right mountain and I know I’m on the right path. There’s a certainty to what I’m doing, a surefooted-ness. I trust my intuition. I’m starting to know what it feels like to just know what to do. It’s a wonderful sensation, to actually trust my own judgment.

I’m creating my business from the inside out. Because I know how to say “yes” to the things I want my business to have – and “no” to the things I don’t want it to have – my business is growing toward me rather than away from me.

I am a different person today than I was 4 months ago. And my business is different, too. You might not call yourself a “business adviser” – because you’re so much more. But if I had come to you for pure business reasons, I can definitely point to at least a ten-fold return on investment. What I ended up getting was much, much more than that. Thank you!”

Kelly Parkinson, Principal Communicator

Terra Tae

“Hiro, thank you so much for the love and guidance you have given me over the past few months. I am truly grateful.

Your wisdom and amazing healing techniques have helped me to uncover and dissolve several challenges and fears that I’ve carried within for years. Through our mentoring sessions I have been able to create the business and life that I desire. I have found the courage to make the shifts I needed and I now see a steady stream of clients on a weekly basis.

More importantly, you have taught me invaluable lessons on how to create boundaries, regain clarity and fully come into my personal power as a woman and entrepreneur. Each and every session with you amazes me with penetrating insight and the light you shed on different aspects of my life and business. Hiro, thank you for doing what you do!”

Tarra Tae

Dr. Lisa Lefkovits

“I came to Hiro with a health issue that was keeping me from truly enjoying my life and my children. It was difficult to focus on my soul’s purpose when I felt ill each day and was worried about my health.

With Hiro’s guidance, we explored many different avenues and approaches to help me restore my health. I was surprised at how different aspects of my life were impacting my health. We even worked through issues around my professional goals.

I came away from our sessions having learned how to set clear boundaries with others, and how to keep myself grounded and my energy clear, so I can live more lightly. Hiro also showed me how to talk with my children’s souls, to help them in their development. These skills serve me deeply.

Working with Hiro brought about the most practical transformation in my life and health. I feel fundamentally altered, excited about the future, and on the right track towards my growth and evolution.”

Dr. Lisa Lefkovits, M.D., Physician. Atlanta, GA

Judith Snider

“Our work together has been a very empowering process. I now know how it feels, in my body, to be in harmony with myself and the universe. And I have learned practical strategies to reorient myself when my body, mind and spirit are not in alignment. I’ve also learned to access my own truth, my own information about anything and to trust that to guide me, rather than seek answers outside of myself.”

Judith Snider, Psychotherapist


A Letter of Cosmic Relevance

Re: my retreat with Hiro Boga.

Here’s what went down:

There was tea. And organic raspberries. And the ocean.

A warm room for napping. Pads of white paper for scheming. Plenty of time for dreaming. But first…

There was a mind map I’d emailed to Hiro a week before I arrived. My business and aims all mapped out with one sentence explanations. Hiro had it printed out and sitting beside her chair.

“Where shall we start?” she asked.

“Let’s start with my new book.”

We cleared emotions, transformed patterns and got very clear direction — on everything . On my creative intentions, and the blocks and the road signs to alignment and success.

I thought I was going for deeper strategy; what I got was a chiropractic adjustment for my soul.

Big themes that have been with me all this life-time showed up — some to be plucked out, and others to be crowned.

Sometimes our meditations and conversations happened overlooking Hiro’s back yard (which is graced with a family of deer), and other times we did clearing work while walking on the beach.

On Day One, I committed to go in to find out. Day Two, I was exhausted. On day Three, I was so energized I wanted to swim home and get to work.

Hiro is a Soul Sherpa. She knows where to find the crevasses and how to get you to your summits.

After three days of working my psyche with Hiro’s techniques, I was not only tuned up, but I was leaving with the tools to, as she puts it, “become my own business adviser.” I thought I always was my own business adviser, but sometimes it’s outmoded thought forms and tired ol’ karma calling the shots. But not after Boga time.

This is the sacred work that needs to be done before you forge into the world with your ambitions and plans.

Tea. Energetics. And the future merges with now.

Make the journey.


Danielle LaPorte, Bestselling Author and Speaker, Creator of The Desire Map

“My retreat with Hiro was a holy marker between two phases of my life – before wholeness and after.

Now don’t get me wrong – I will always be becoming more whole, doing the play-work of this world, and since my time with Hiro, there is a deep, deep foundation of okayness. Peace. Unshakable faith in myself.

What does that look like in the world?

My novel is coming alive after years of struggle. My trust in my next calling is so much stronger. My health is improving. My self-trust is shining.

But more than anything, again, it is peace and unshakable well-being that I took away from my time with Hiro. A letting go of ghost structures, sticky stories. A spirit liberation.

Hiro is beauty and kindness and wisdom. Spend time with her in any way you can.”

Jennifer Louden, Best-selling Author & Teacher

“When I think of my safest, best place, the special place I draw strength from when I need it most, I smile. Then, I tap into the work I’ve done with Hiro, and this best place of mine lights up and expands to the size of the planet.

With power, clarity and joy, doing this soul-level work with Hiro has amplified what I am able to do in the world. And magnified the peace and conviction with which I do it.”

Andrea J. Lee, International activist; Coach; Author & Speaker

Tricia Karp, Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Judith Snider

“Dear Hiro,

I’ve had the privilege of working with you for many years in many different formats — privately, in group workshops, in a year-long transformational program.

The Story House Retreat was a very different experience. It was more intense, and created deep and lasting change.

The three-day retreat gave me time and space to confront my patterns and to transform them.

I experienced, in my body, what it felt like to run a different energy and to create new pathways, new habits. When I veered off into old patterns, you were there to guide me back.
During our process and afterwards, I realized what a toxic energy field I had been living in and how impossible it was to create from that place or to experience any joy in that state.

I was seeing the world through the filter of early stories and it was very hard to step out of that place on my own.

Since returning home from my retreat, I notice significant differences in my behaviors, priorities, boundaries, and the choices that I make. I am also much more aware of the subtle energy patterns in and around me, and more conscious of how I interact with them.

This focused work with you has freed up a lot of blocked creativity and joy. I am especially grateful for that.

With love and gratitude,


Judith Snider, RCC; Family Therapist.

Tara Bliss, Entrepreneur, Founder of Rebels of Light,

Alexandra Franzen

“Every moment of my Story House retreat with Hiro was restorative, elegant, and deeply rewarding. From the spectacular ferry boat ride that brought me to her home in Nanaimo, to the luxurious strolls we took along the coastline, to the beautifully-prepared meals (and snacks, and chocolates), to the evocative energy & visualization work — I felt completely & wholly cradled in love.

So, what actually… happened? I wrote three new poems. I outlined my creative priorities for the year. I got invited to headline at a gorgeous retreat (mere hours after sharing with Hiro how much I wanted to teach, at a workshop). I slept — a lot. I read — a lot. I did some work untangling my dreams & needs from those of my partner. I set old stories aside.

In ancient times, students would travel miles — lifetimes — simply to be in the presence of a great teacher, healer or wise one. My trip to Hiro’s home had echoes of just such a pilgrimage. And I’ll never forget it.”

Alexandra Franzen, Promotional Wordsmith & Personal Scribe


Become Your Own Business Adviser

“I have followed and loved Hiro Boga’s work for years through her blog and by doing a couple of her self-guided courses, and I had been looking for a chance to go deeper, to be able to interact with her and ask questions and receive guidance. Become Your Own Business Adviser was the perfect thing at the perfect time.

I have struggled for years to make my business financially viable, sustainable and more easeful. I have poured time and money and energy into business courses and found some good teaching there and also experienced some trauma from trying to fit models that didn’t work for me. I have reached a point where cookie-cutter methods are not right for me anymore.

I took the course because I longed to partner more deeply with the soul of my work, to receive and trust my own guidance, and find what is right and true for me. I didn’t want to be told what I need to do or to follow masculine approaches to business. I wanted to discover within, to follow my own soulful path and trust that, to unwind old patterns and summon miracles in my life and work. And to finally have my business be sustainable and grow.

Become Your Own Business Adviser has been a miracle, life-changing work, and just what I needed. Hiro’s work is like nothing else out there, deep, soulful, practical, penetrating, magical. The processes I learned I will continue to use for a lifetime. They give me the tools to grow my work organically in ways that are right for me and for my business.

I’m just at the beginning with this work, and the growth is slow, but I feel a confidence, clarity and strong foundation I have never had in my business. I am undoing long-standing patterns inside, so it takes patience, but it is worth it. I feel I have ways to guide my life and partner with life to take me through whatever changes lie ahead in our world, my work and my life. I am deeply grateful to Hiro and look forward to more work (and play!) together. I cannot recommend her highly enough. ”

Maxima Kahn, poet, teacher, firekeeper


Shayla Wright

“As Hiro worked with women on the live calls in BYOBA, I was struck by how radical and skillful her approach to business actually is. To integrate this kind of energy work into the everyday life of our business feels like a very potent missing piece that could change the foundations of how we approach work, money and creativity. I very much appreciated her continued emphasis on grounding, even as we become more and more able to access subtle realms of energy.

Hiro is actually challenging, in a gentle and precise way, the egoic foundations of how our culture teaches us to approach our work. I am profoundly grateful for the healing medicine she is offering us, at this time in our global evolution. She is transmitting, and at the same time calling forth in us, a clarity, integrity and depth of engagement that is deeply needed.”

Shayla Wright

Tova Payne

“Working with Hiro in Become Your Own Business Adviser was pure magic. I wanted to deepen my daily spiritual practice and learn how to integrate it more fully into my business.

The energy alchemy skills we learned in BYOBA were beyond anything I’d ever experienced before. I received many insights, new ideas, and a whole new way to harness my inner CEO. I now have a constant connection to my inner business adviser.

Within the first few weeks I attracted and manifested amazing new opportunities and alliances. Now, as I revisit the material, I find deeper layers of understanding myself, my business, and how I can use all my natural strengths to elevate my business and create greater success through working with energy alchemy.

This program is magic. Thank you, Hiro, for your wisdom, gentle guidance and the safe space you create for us as we unfold through the program.”

Tova Payne Business Coach and Strategist to Soulful Solopreneurs

Caroline Frenette, Intuitive Leadership Coach & Founder of The Intuitive Leadership Academy

Amy Oscar

“The power of finding the right teacher:
Working with you was like coming home.

They say for every student there’s a teacher. For me, Hiro, you are that kind of teacher.

I have never been a traditional learner. Though I did my best to fit in – memorizing endless lists of facts, figures and formulas left me in tears of outraged boredom. By sixth grade, I’d all but given up, which was when I was placed in Mr. Murphy’s class. Mr. Murphy drew on the board in colored chalk; he carried his own stereo system into the classroom and played music. He showed us films and instead of textbooks, he told us stories!

I felt as if I’d come home. Mr. Murphy’s creativity drew out my own. Through him, I rediscovered the world of wonders I’d known in early childhood: lush terrains of contour, color, music and light.

Finding you, Hiro, was like that. I didn’t know what to expect when I came into BYOBA. I’d just launched The Soul Caller Training and it had taken off – fast. Though I knew it was good work – and deeply resonant with my soul – on the business end, I felt as if I was chasing a runaway kite. Business felt like an impenetrable wall covered in hieroglyphs.

Still, I knew that I needed help – so I signed up. I was delighted to discover that, instead of business models and spreadsheets, we were working with imagery and story and invention. Led by your beautiful voice, riddles were solved; barriers broken.

For three months, as I led my own students to their edges, you led me to mine – and when I crossed them, I discovered that at the heart of my business there was the same enchanted landscape I’d inhabited as a child. There was the pool, fed by a waterfall. There was the mossy hill, the rock. There was the child – now grown into a woman, carrying that beautiful world inside of herself.

Thank you Hiro, for guiding me home.”

Amy Oscar


“Hiro’s radiant presence and timeless wisdom is sweet, powerful medicine which I don’t know how I did without. Her crystal voice and compassionate guidance afford profound transformation and deep awakening. My energetic experience of my business and my life has evolved from fine to beyond thriving. What was muddled in my business relationships, structures and decision-making is now clear and cascading, through tools I return to again and again.

When I found Hiro’s site, and as soon as I heard her voice on the audio-clip, I dropped into a place I’d been yearning for. I felt a sense of home and peace, and I wanted more. I resisted signing up for her program at first, not sure of spending the money, afraid of taking a class or opening to a teacher that might truly transform me.

The first time I took Becoming Your Own Business Advisor I experienced creative collaboration and flow galore.

My recording engineer who had been unavailable for a year suddenly finished audio mixes I’d been awaiting.

I discovered the person practicing yoga next to me each morning was a photographer, and he gifted me multiple free photo shoots to build his portfolio.

My chant CD Halleluyah All Night, its packaging and promo were complete in just weeks. I found a new recording studio in my neighborhood, received word that my percussionist from afar was traveling into town, and we recorded the entire audio for my next CD, in one weekend!

I visioned a new home at the start of the course, and started moving there before it was over.

So when Hiro offered BYOBA again a few months later, there was no question that I was signing up.

This go-round:

I launched BlissRoot, the devotional record label I’d been dreaming for ages, and cultivated collaborations that are launching my work as a recording artist and ritual artist on a much grander scale.

I took a Dance Teacher Training I’ve been craving for years and am now teaching dance.

I entered the realms of social media for the first time (Hello, FaceBook!) and take off on my first West Coast tour from my now-full-time home in lush, rustic land-based community.

Even with class over, I turn to the Hiro’s tools again and again. The grounding track on How To Rule Your World remains essential to my daily morning practice. The Pool of Release calls me whenever I am ready to clear clutter internally or literally. I’ve bought Hiro’s courses for three of my collaborators, and encouraged a fourth to sign up, and we now speak the common language of Business Devas and cultivating sovereignty, which deeply support our joyous play together in the realms of co-creation.

Hiro’s gifts are a miracle. And she gently, clearly, powerfully invites us to be and become miracles, too. I am beyond grateful. A resounding, abounding Yes! to Hiro and all she brings into the world!”

Holly Taya Shere, Transformative Songwriter, Recording Artist, Priestess

Jane Cronin

“I signed up for Become Your Own Business Adviser because I wanted to get clear about what my business has to offer, and I also wanted to create a product. I’ve often struggled with self-doubt, comparing myself to other people. This has made it hard for me to know what is unique about me and how my business can best serve my clients.

The program helped me align my offerings with my soul and the needs of my right people. Once I had done that, I was amazed at how quickly my project came together. And, despite the steep learning curve, the class was so much fun!

I revisit the program exercises often — they return my focus to the core of what I’m doing, and everything else becomes easy and clear. The biggest shift has been in my relationship with money, which has transformed from angst and fear to so much clarity, spaciousness and peace.

Using the resources from BYOBA, I created my product, The Radiance Kit, which is launching this week. It has received wonderful reviews from people who have beta-tested it, and I’m so happy to know that it is helping people make the shifts they want to make.

Become Your Own Business Adviser is beautiful, transformative, powerful work. I highly recommend it.”

Jane Cronin

Deborah Weber

“When I started this program, I was hoping for a deeper, clearer connection to the Soul of my business.

My expectations were met and exceeded. I feel more balanced; I truly understand I am in partnership. And that the Soul of my business has all kinds of good help and information to offer and is SO ready and able to help me create what I want. I gained more connection in these few months of the program than in the previous 18 months of my business’ existence.

I’ve learned SO many helpful energy work techniques, each of them grounded in practical application, that I simply have to dance in delight.

I absolutely would recommend this program. Having a whole toolbox of energy technologies is amazing. Connecting with the myriad of support available at different dimensional levels; meeting in council with one’s various selves; and recognizing and clearing unhelpful patterns is not only useful but exciting. But having a way to look at potential business choices and see if they are in alignment is MAJOR. Who wouldn’t want to be able to do that?!”

Deborah Weber, Feel Good Energy Shift

Christi Jarland

“I signed up for Become Your Own Business Adviser because I wanted more clarity around the message I was sharing with my audience. Doubt and uncertainty were exhausting me. Early on in the program I discovered that my biggest obstacle was that I doubted my dreams would ever come true.

I used to fret and worry about my business, and try to make things happen by prodding and poking at it. I worried that nothing would happen in my business if I was too laid back about it. Through the program, this fear has dissolved.

I have discovered the power of gentleness and kindness in creating my business. Learning to ground, center and walk with the Devas has given me a sense of ease and peace. It also helps me refrain from fear and avoidance in my work.

As I worked through the program, magical happenings and synchronicities showed up in my life and business. I look forward to widening my sphere of influence as my business shines its light more powerfully.

My work with Hiro has enlightened me. In place of the busy mind chatter that was holding me back, I now have strategies to clear the fog of doubt and uncertainty, and am growing my business in softer, more sustainable ways.”

Christi Jarland, Figure it Out with CJ

Narelle Carter-Quinlan

“Hiro and her work sang to me before I knew what the work actually was: an inner line, tissue-tugged. With over five decades of walking true songlines, I am not easily, truly tugged.
I moved in. BYOBA.

Words resonated, truth touched. Startling questions that rang right through me. The medicine bottle of my Being, sometimes shaken. Cleansing, clarifying, things falling away and things emerging.

My business? The feeling I have is of coming home. Something simple and honest and ‘obvious’ reveals itself. As much as everything changes, (and it has!), there is deep re-membering in here. Grounded knowing. The depth of ‘this is on’. Alive and ongoing.

Breathing gratitude.”

Narelle Carter-Quinlan, Image maker of the Body-Land, Creator of Studio Scoliosis (yoga), Transformer

Havi Brooks

“Hiro is brilliant at this stuff. I would not have been able to create the Playground without the help of Become Your Own Business Adviser last year.

In order to make the Playground happen, I had to become the person who could handle it. This meant developing aspects of myself and abilities that were completely new to me.

So much clarity and enthusiasm and knowing – that’s what I got, and also the insights needed to grow my business in the way that I wanted it to grow.”

Havi Brooks, The Fluent Self

Clare Day

“I signed up for Become Your Own Business Adviser because I wanted to embrace my power and have more grounding and clarity as I launched my business.

The session on power, in particular, blew me away. I was astonished at how incredibly practical and easy it was to work with the energies. I feel more confident in my choices, and am less swayed by other’s reactions to them or by my own fears.

Now, doors have opened all around me and I have created a thriving new business, based on a deep foundation for sustainable growth.

A few weeks ago, I worked again on Class 2 (Energy Alchemy and Healing Your Relationship with your Business Deva). I spent time envisioning the project that I wanted to create. I wanted to develop relationships in the wedding and event industry that would lead to new clients.

The very next morning, out of the blue, I was invited to a highly exclusive, two-day wedding industry retreat at a major venue. That invitation alone catapults me into preferred vendor status, and I get to meet and work with the best of the best in my part of the world.

I am grateful to have received profoundly practical guidance for living life and doing business in alignment with my core.”

Clare Day, Clare Day Flowers

Jackie Stewart

“Working with Hiro changes you in the most sacred, profound and beautiful of ways. After you work with Hiro, you can no longer buy into old stories of being stuck, confused or playing small. This work is truly transformative. I am truly transformed!

I took BYOBA because although I’ve been in business for 14 years it feels like I’ve been hustling to keep afloat that whole time. Prior to BYOBA I was feeling exhausted, jaded and had lost a lot of my joy and enthusiasm.

I’d been doing the outer work of refining my offerings, launching new products, changing my marketing and trying different things but it all felt too much like hard work. I knew there had to be a more ease-filled and sustainable way to run my business, and I knew I had to make some fundamental shifts on an inner level to make my best offering to the world. Hiro was the perfect person to midwife that process and I feel very different now – much more grounded, focused, inspired and happy.

I love how Hiro combines common sense business savvy with energy processes that really shift stuff – for good! Her generosity of spirit, creative genius, knowledge, and ability to hold a safe container for the most profound healing work are unparalleled.

BYOBA has given me more than I could ever have imagined – personally and professionally. Clients have told me how much more powerful the space I hold for them is, since enrolling in BYOBA, so my work is more effective. When you let yourself be nourished on this deep soul level, you are more able to nourish your clients and customers in return.

BYOBA is undoubtedly the most powerful and transformative programme I’ve experienced and I know that I will use the resources for life. I am so grateful to Hiro, the richness of BYOBA and the open-hearted community who share the sacred space that Hiro creates. I recommend BYOBA wholeheartedly.”

Jackie Stewart

Melani Marx

“Your wise and gentle guidance still rings in my ears and informs my forward movement. I deeply appreciate the way you blend spiritual and energetic wisdom with business, creative projects and the practicalities of everyday life.

The whole concept of sovereignty was new to me–I have struggled with autonomy for most of my life, and the tools you gave us have helped tremendously. What a relief to begin to see what is mine (and what is not).

I cannot believe all the changes and forward movement that has happened since that rich time last spring. My business is blossoming and my life is juicy and deep and so very sweet. My creative life has begun to dance and swoop and have a joyous life of its own.

Thank you, Hiro, for the part you played in this.”

Melani Marx, Coach, Master Healer

Laura Onizuka

“Dear Hiro,

Thank you! The Become Your Own Business Adviser program was EXACTLY what I needed, exactly when I needed it. Working with you has been incredible and I can’t wait for more.
Working with you …

Gave me hope, reminded me over and over again to Trust … brought me back to myself and helped me to know that everything I need is right here, inside of me.

Just listening to your voice is a cure for overwhelm. Every time I went through one of your processes I felt things open up. I felt spaciousness come in. I started seeing possibilities open up … But it went beyond that. You supplied me with actual tools to do what needed doing.

There is ease and peace growing in and around me. A feeling that it is all okay and going to be okay. This sounds so simple but this is really the biggie. Because this feeling is what allows me to act. It unfreezes me. Thank you so much, Hiro.”

Laura Onizuka, Founder, Portland Flamenco Events

Stephanie Watanabe

“It’s hard to describe my experience of the Become Your Own Business Adviser class with Hiro. A few words that come to mind: Poignant. Gentle. Clear. Vast. Glorious! With her brilliant guidance, I dug deep, became more present with myself AND my business, and learned how to attune and play with the subtle energies of both.

A lot has shifted since our work together. Majorly shifted! I became clear on what was no longer serving me (and released it) and am embracing and cultivating new and inspired ways of working in the world. Ways that I never would have expected!

The weekly calls and support from my classmates felt like a cozy container that helped hold me as I found, explored and dove into my own power.

It’s amazing – dare I say, miraculous – what can happen when you work with Hiro as your guide. She offers so much priceless wisdom and intuitive insight; it’s pretty mind-blowing. Words can’t express how wonderful and gifted she truly is. And how much I totally adore her!”

Stephanie Watanabe, Creative Consultant + Seeker of the Inspiring + THE GIRL WHO KNOWS

Gillian Berry

“There is so much I want to say about Become Your Own Business Adviser. It was truly an incredible program. I miss it deeply and know I’ll work further on much of your life’s work. Thank you so very much…

Hiro’s work is like a series of powerful, energetic, adjustments into alignment. Extraordinary.
Like a spiritual chiropractor, her work attuned every area of my life: intimate relationships, family, friends, teaching and communication, and a business project taking shape and happening.

This is deep, awesome, work. I highly recommend it.

When I started BYOBA, I felt like a tree without roots, ungrounded, easily distracted, somewhat scattered.

After BYOBA, I felt aligned, deeply present, personally powerful, clear, courageous, rooted, graceful, and decisive.

What I love so much about Hiro’s work (among many, many things) is that it is gentle and deeply powerful (a beautiful contradiction). It is all about curious exploration, as opposed to a ‘formula’ to push change.

BYOBA is a treasure chest of spiritual and practical greatness. Every time I open it and work with it I find new perspective, an ‘a-ha”, a gem of wisdom, or a great ‘clunk’ of re-alignment in my life.

Thank you, Hiro! This is the most transformative class I’ve ever experienced.”

Gillian Berry, Educator

Shannon Wilkinson

“I first worked with Hiro during her Become Your Own Business Advisor course — and came away with a profound desire for more. The Circle of Success allowed me to continue my exposure to her wonderfully powerful teachings, while also providing me with the support and accountability I so craved.

There have been things that I have been meaning to do for months — and even years — with my business that I have finally completed. My relationship with myself has been strengthened and healed, and I’m excited about the work that I’m doing to bring my business into integrity with my purpose.

Working with Hiro is like working with an entire team – she plays the role of wise mentor, humorous advocate, and insightful healer. Thanks to her guidance, I have a clearer sense of intention and a deeper, more powerful level of trust in myself.”

Shannon Wilkinson

Karina Ladet

“I signed up for BYOBA because I knew there had to be a way to create a business in a deeper and more inspired way. When I read about BYOBA it really resonated in my soul and although I didn’t know exactly why, I signed up. This was a big investment for me but it felt so right.

I have spent the last 12 years doing spiritual work but never the way Hiro Boga does. She has such an incredible way of combining deep spiritual practice and very practical business tools. This program is a divine mix of everything I love. Amazing ways of clearing out blockages, addressing fears and limitations and opening up for a bigger, bolder version of ourselves.

I started this program thinking I was going to write a book but realized that what really called to me was to create two retreats in Australia. Just realizing this was huge but as I went from thinking this-is-impossible to actually receiving the clear tools to make them happen, the miracles started unfolding.

Not only is the content in BYOBA extremely rich and solid, Hiro also offers all of her expertise and love so generously. The group carries this beautiful energy and at the same time I always felt like we were all being held and supported by Hiro, individually. As if she could see exactly where we were and exactly what we needed at that time.

During the live calls the love was palpable and I received so much one-on-one support with such clarity and depth I was often left speechless and with tears of gratitude in my eyes.
BYOBA has transformed my life and it has changed how I do business – and everything – forever. I now know how to connect with my business’s soul and each step I take has so much more meaning than before.

If you are ready for a major shift in consciousness and to embrace a bigger and more magical vision of yourself and your work, then this is for you. You will receive so much more beauty and love than you have ever asked for. Working with Hiro is like exhaling with deep gratitude and breathing in compassion and love. It’s a divine journey!”

Karina Ladet, Intuitive, Guide, Free Spirit and

Dr. Christine McDougall

“Participating in BYOBA for the second time and I was not the same person. In the first round my level of fear was so great. Fear about simple survival, about the size of my project, about my ability to pull this off. The tools that we learned helped me be be present, to know my path was true, to separate fear that was not mine, to access source, to stand in my own power, to become aligned and able to move forward with grace.

Freedom from this crippling fear enabled me to access a deeper layer of learning in round #2. I learned that I was not my stories. Many of my stories from the past and from the present have no basis in reality. They are simply stories. I was stunned at how many stories I held to be true. How my wonderful active imagination was also a trap, seeing ghosts where none lived.

I gained a deeper connection with my business and my project than ever before. I became aware of the enormous support around me, always available, always on call. I have felt more at peace, more at home, more connected and grounded. When things become rocky, I have the tools to find firm ground.

I love this work. It is deep, eternal, whole. I have had many teachers in my life, alive and past. Hiro brings the harmony of clarity, quiet strength and grace unlike any other teacher. She creates the safety to enable the class to go to the scariest places. No matter where you are in the world you feel held in the class, by Hiro, by BYOBA and by your fellow participants.

I have asked everyone I love to consider taking this program. It is simply a gift beyond measure.

Blessings to you Hiro.”

Christine McDougall, Chief Steward, Founder, 2.23 am – A Call to uncommon action

To read Christine’s full success story, click here.

Dr. Tiny Jaentsch

“Yearning for a deeper connection to my heart’s work, I left my job as a surgeon at a university hospital. Working in an institution like this felt stifling and lifeless. I wanted to open an alternative private practice which incorporates all my knowledge of medicine.

Over the years I had had to hide my interest in alternative medicine and I struggled to find my voice. I was looking for clarity on every level, and a way to access the knowledge that I knew was within me, but which felt out of reach and blocked.

As I worked with Hiro through the Become Your Own Business Adviser program, I was astonished by the profound shifts that occurred, both within me and in my sense of how to shape my business to bring my work into the world.

Now, I face my future with lucidity, a clear sense of my voice, and complete calm. I know where to go, and I know I’m not alone — there are always allies willing to help me.

Hiro, I recommend you on a daily basis. This is deep and fulfilling work. Thank you!”

Dr. Tiny Jaentsch, Surgeon

Nathalie Lussier

“I came to Hiro after an intensive 9 month coaching program with one of my business mentors. The idea of becoming my own mentor appealed to me. I wanted to get back to my spiritual self, and I wanted a better relationship with my business. Enter: Become Your Own Business Advisor.

When I started the program, I was tired, and ready to be guided by my own compass. I yearned to connect more deeply with myself and my business. And although I didn’t have the language or the tools at the start, this is exactly what I got and more.

The biggest aha moment for me was when I realized that I had been holding onto my business tightly and trying to force it to be what I wanted it to be… instead of just letting my business grow the way it wanted to grow. Once I let go of that, things really started to shift for my business and I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders too.

Now, my business is solid, expanding on its own, and the right clients are just showing up over and over again. I feel extremely supported — my business now supports me as I support it. There’s no weird interdependency, just a nice sovereign relationship.

After working through BYOBA I’ve found myself in the midst of the best business partnership I could ever have imagined. I’m working with someone who is in total alignment, whom I love and respect tremendously, and we both bring so much to each other’s businesses – it’s amazing. I’m so grateful for that shift!

Learning to work with the Devas has also changed the way I see things and interact with the world. I now turn inward before I try to “make things happen” outwardly. This has served me the best, and I know I will continue to deepen this work over time.

Working with Hiro, her divine wisdom and inspired business processes, is the most profound, business-shifting work I’ve done to date.”

Nathalie Lussier, Media and Marketing Specialist

Jac McNeil

“I have worked with many mentors and teachers but Hiro is one of a kind. Her approach is elegant, wise, precise. Her point of view is anchored in years of experience. Being in her presence was deeply grounding, and a beautiful access point to come home to more of myself.

I created and launched my very first online group program while working through BYOBA. The tools, visualizations and wisdom in BYOBA allowed me to meet this new experience with grace, clarity and confidence.

I believe the success of my program was absolutely informed by my transformational experience in BYOBA. With love + deep respect for you, Hiro!”

Jac McNeil, Coach for Women Solopreneurs

Shan Watts

“I’ve worked through a number of Hiro’s programs now — Rule Your World From the Inside Out, The World of Your Business Playbook, and most recently, Become Your Own Business Adviser. Regardless of the program, Hiro’s gifts shine through each and every one.

Exquisite attention to detail, reverence for the work undertaken and an unending source of inspiration and encouragement are hallmarks of all the offerings she brings into this world. Having said that, BYOBA has been the most incredible experience yet. Transformative teaching. Gentle explorations to release things that no longer serve. New ways of seeing and being. Working in harmony with allies and supporters to create the very best life I’m capable of. Serving others in the very best manner I can.

These are all benefits I’ve experienced as a result of undertaking this incredibly sacred journey.

If you have any doubts about whether undertaking BYOBA would benefit your life or your business, they’ll be swept away on a magic carpet of self-discovery, communing with like-minded souls and a rediscovery of who you really are at the very core of your soul. The program was sometimes challenging, sometimes so intense and revealing that I wept at the beauty of it all.

I cannot imagine anyone more fitting to undertake the journey with.

Thank you, Hiro, for being such a blessing in this world.”

Shan Watts, Director of Joy and Resonance

Catherine Ambrozewicz

“When I started BYOBA, I had little or no exposure to concepts like inner selves, chakras, or energy alchemy. This course opened up a whole new set of perspectives and tools with which to answer the most important questions in my life — and the benefits already extend beyond my business life.

Hiro’s natural abilities to articulate and bring these subtle concepts to life, combined with an active and generous community of peers sharing their learnings and experiences along the way, have enabled me to move beyond head-driven analysis into a more intuitive awareness of my business’s true purpose and how to make that manifest.

You are doing great, important work, Hiro! Thank you for everything!”

Catherine Ambrozewicz, Business Strategist

Briana Aldrich

“Yesterday I listened to a guided meditation you gave during Become Your Own Business Adviser, where you led us through the home of our heart. I remember finding so much peace and strength and love the first time I experienced it, and it was just as powerful, if not more so, this time through.

I truly felt held in loving presence and I am so grateful to you for guiding me through that much-needed experience. It’s something I know I’ll turn to again and again.

Thank you so, so much.

So much love to you.”

Briana Aldrich, Business Strategist


“Hiro, I use the skills we learned in Become Your Own Business Adviser regularly! It has helped me so much to be able to manage my energy in all kinds of situations.

I have integrated it into the work I do with clients as well. We are all benefiting from the ripple outward started by your wise, patient, keenly perceptive and balanced work.

Your program is one of the things I am most grateful for this year!”

Lailey Jenkins, Clinical Psychotherapist

Lisa Berkovitz

“Hiro, thank you so much for the deep, rich and profound experience that is Become Your Own Business Advisor. I was guided to it because I knew it was time to raise my own level of sovereignty and self-trust in all matters to do with my business (as well as my life).

The program, and you, provided more than I ever anticipated. My ability to discern what is right and true for me, and to address external business matters and relationships through the use of the alchemy tools you taught, are at an unprecedented level. Grateful for, and enthusiastic about, this jewel of a program!”

Lisa Berkovitz, Founder, Project Sweet Spot

Susan Seale

“When I first took BYOBA, I was in the process of shutting down my business of 19 years, and was feeling very stressed, sad, and uncertain about my future. I didn’t know what to expect from the program. I just wanted support through the unbelievably stressful transition, and was desperate to feel differently about being in business.

Even though this is a group program, Hiro worked personally with me on almost every single group call. She is so knowledgeable and gifted, and she supported us all with such love, compassion and clarity. I have learned to value and trust my own voice, let go of the pain from my past, and build a real sense of grounding, belonging, abundance and strength.

I have taken the program twice now, and have emerged with a clear new business direction. But the most significant transformation has been that I have finally learned that I am worthy of self-love — and am experiencing just what that feels like. This realization has changed the way I live my life.

Working with Hiro in BYOBA is like stepping into a cathedral, thinking you will be there with the crowds, and discovering you are somehow in the most beautiful, spacious, private sanctum with your own soul.”

Susan Seale, Founder of Make Me Musical

Edita Atteck

“Become Your Own Business Adviser was a magical and deeply transformational journey supported by Hiro’s wisdom, grace, and guidance. It created dramatic shifts inside me personally and in my business.

I fell in love with the visualizations she offered and I deeply connected to the inner world within me. Thank you for this one of a kind experience!”

Edita Atteck, Journey to Healing, Personal Transformation Catalyst

“I was in your phenomenal BYOBA group training back in Fall 2015, during which I honed my book idea, was ‘found’ by the title and the seeds of a new direction sprouted.

Three years later, my beautiful book, The Magical Unfolding, will be born into the world. It has been a long, magical journey to step into ownership of this work.

The book wrote itself through pure, unexpected downloads and I found myself creating a heart-led process from my 15 years of 1-to-1 work, called the Magical Process. I am sharing this because I really wanted you to know how powerful your work is.

To this day, I communicate daily with the Devas of my book and my work, and this has helped me to crowdfund my book, and be in the top 10% of crowdfunders even though my list is fewer than 500 people.

You helped me reclaim belief in myself, my writing and my book, and I am so incredibly grateful to you for that. Thank you.”

Helen Rebello, Author

Becky Cashman

“Thank you, Hiro, for being the teacher I was ready for. Through Become Your Own Business Adviser, you have given me a language that allows a larger life, and tools for seeing things as they are and can be if I just allow them to unfold.

For the last decade or more, I’ve said, Trust in the Process. With this course, I now add, Participate in the Process. I have learned to bring the wisdom and kindness of the Divine into each moment. I am ever grateful.”

Becky Cashman, Director, Essential Touch NZ

“Hiro, you are amazing! I am so grateful that you have chosen to share your gifts with the world, with me. You are seriously powerful and intuitive. You got to the core of me in one of the support calls for Become Your Own Business Adviser. You saw into my soul, into the belief that I do not deserve support and must hold everyone up. No wonder I was so tired and could not thrive in my work! When you said this to me and gave me permission to seek support, you changed my way of thinking.

Since then I have asked for and received an abundance of support from various people and have made three huge life decisions based on that support.

The support I am being offered is amazing… In the past week there have been at least 5 people, whom I’ve never met before, who have gone out of their way to help me and my business! I am opening to many new avenues of support that I never knew existed or could exist. It’s all very exciting and freeing (and a little scary). Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Aly Contreras

Joy Rigberg

“When I registered for Become Your Own Business Adviser, I felt the desire to strengthen my energy practices with a teacher and a group of women. I had followed Hiro’s work for some time and was very attracted to her writings, and after listening to her pre-BYOBA teleconference I knew this was the class I had been looking for. I entered into the program with an open mind and an open heart, ready to soak up whatever was being offered.

BYOBA provided a visual and energetic reconnection to my soul, my inner-selves and all of the qualities that I contain, as well as an introduction to my own healing capacity, in congruence with the unconditional support of the Devic Realm.

I’ve gained a new sense of clarity and balance in my business, as well the confidence that I am ‘on purpose’ with my business project! New opportunities are presenting themselves and doors are opening up for me!

Would I recommend BYOBA to a loved one? In a heartbeat! In fact, I’ve already recommended it to my boyfriend.”

Joy Rigberg, Conscious Joy Coaching

Lindsay McLeod

“Become Your Own Business Adviser helped me re-connect fragmented parts of myself like nothing before–it’s as if a glass ceiling between my daily life and my spirit life has disappeared. I can’t recommend the course highly enough.

I’ve discovered that I really don’t have to do everything alone. That the Devas are there, that I can have conversations with them, and that they can advise me. Concretely.

I can truly begin this year knowing that I’m on the right path and that I’m walking along it, not just standing, contemplating it!”

Lindsay McLeod, Guru Body

Cindie Chavez

“I first came to Hiro’s program because I was feeling the need for support to expand my vision for my life and my business. I felt like I was on the verge of a very big shift, and I wanted guidance, support, community, and wisdom.

Hiro’s work resonated with me from the first time I heard her speak. I knew this course was going to be amazing, but I had no idea just how amazing it would be! It was beyond anything I could have imagined.

The work we did has inspired me to create two new programs and map out a vision for next year that is exciting and inspiring and much bigger than anything I had allowed myself to see before. Most of all, I feel like I can trust my own intuition, wisdom, heart and soul in everything now…even in business. Thank you, Hiro for sharing your gifts with the world, and with me!”

Cindie Chavez, Intuitive Life and Relationship Coach

Dr. Danielle Cornelius

“I can’t speak highly enough of Hiro Boga and her Become Your Own Business Advisor program. I went from overwhelmed and letting myself be pulled by others needs to feeling grounded and connected *directly* to the energy of my business. Hiro has a grounded presence and crystal clear energy.

If you are looking to hone your intuition in business and connect to your work on a deep level, this course is for you. It’s helped me shed old beliefs and behaviors and step into the woman who truly knows what she wants. I want everyone to take this course!”

Danielle Cornelius, Chiropractic Physician

Michele Lisenbury Christensen

“I’m a good girl. A hard worker. So when Hiro’s gentle guidance and hot-like-lightning tools in the Become Your Own Business Adviser program began to open doors, dissolve obstacles, and pour new people, opportunities, and dollar bills into my world… with EASE… it was almost disconcerting. But Hiro and the Devas (the amazing helpers to whom she introduced me!) were ready for my resistance and able to help me dissolve my discomfort with comfort.

Not only are things easier, but I’m okay with that now! So grateful, Hiro. I will continue to work with these tools and be my own business adviser for the rest of my life.”

Michele Lisenbury Christensen, Relationship Coach

Dr. Christine McDougall

“At this stage of my life I choose very carefully whom I engage with as a teacher and guide. I want someone who brings me to the edge of myself and holds that space with wisdom and compassion that transcends normal. Yes, I want exceptional.

I am in the process of launching a global business and movement that is testing me in every way, not the least of which is an embodied expression of my love for business, and for the health of the world and our future. This business requires the kind of BOLD action that I have known I must take or die in regret for the not taking.

Signing up for BYOBA was simply one of the best decisions I have made in many years. Hiro’s guidance, commitment, love, space-holding, brilliance, intuition and wisdom surpassed all of my expectations. I loved the whole process, including the support of my fellow journeymen.

The tools we were taught are mine for life. To return to, explore, re-examine, recycle.

I entered the program full of fear, that deep kind of fear that has you wake many times in the night in paralysis. I questioned my own ability to pull off my project. I felt confused, lost, alone, often very scattered.

I completed the program reunited with my own sovereignty. Recognizing that I am not my business, my business is an expression of me. I also detached from a very long held, deeply cultural belief that had me a supplicant to a higher authority rather than being my own authority. This is so significant words cannot express. I am now able to lean into my deepest desires, something I found very difficult to do prior to BYOBA. Previously desires had been grounds for constant disappointment and deep feelings of failure.

Without question I have the tools and know-how to move forward with trust, courage, commitment and certainty that I have longed for most of my life. There is still much work to be done, both in my inner world and with my project in the world. Yet I now have a quiver of arrows that go very far, and the instrument (me), who can shoot straight and true, and with a steady hand. And when my hand quavers, which it will, I can pull a different arrow and a different practice to get me back to the solid ground of my being.

In deep gratitude to Hiro, to BYOBA and to my fellow participants.”

Christine McDougall, Chief Steward, Founder, 2.23 am – A Call to uncommon action

Lucy Head

“The Become Your Own Business Adviser program is wonderful.

I came to the first class exhausted by everything I thought I ‘should’ be doing with my business.
I’d been reading blogs and books by experts and recovering from 6 months of intensive business coaching, all of which were taking me away from, not towards, myself and my business.

Hiro has taught us a repertoire of skills and techniques which take me to that quiet place at the core of who I am and what I do. In 4 months I’ve gone from overwhelm, panic and distraction to calm, centered focus. I now have a clear road map for my business and am back in touch with the creative heart of my work.

Thanks to Hiro and her wonderful teachings I’ve found the perfect business adviser for my work – me! – and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you Hiro!”

Lucy Head, Twig Garden Design

Amna Ahmad

“The techniques that Hiro taught in the BYOBA course helped me really get to know the soul of my business, and to work with it as a friend and ally.

I took this course when my business was a teeny tiny baby. I was putting the finishing touches on my website and thinking about initial products and offerings.

During the course I took this as my project – figuring out what my first product would be, and how to go about creating it. I met the ebook I was considering writing and got clear that it was not the project I most wanted to work on right then. I also had the information I needed to put it aside for the moment and focus instead on individual client work.

My favorite part of the course was learning techniques for maintaining and taking care of my energy on a daily basis. I knew before the course that this was a significant gap in my education as a human being. But I didn’t know how to go about remedying this deficit, or even what, precisely, I needed to learn.

Hiro has a genius for teaching these techniques, and a very clear and cumulative way of moving through them. I learned tools for maintaining my energetic sphere and making decisions that I had been wanting to forever. Now I use these skills every single day in every realm of my life, including my business.”

Amna Ahmad, The Pragmatic Hybrid

Kathryn Elliott

“Expanded vision, empowered healing, growth made easy — these are just a few of the gifts I received from participating in Become Your Own Business Adviser.

I moved through a wall of obstacles that I had kept hitting, in the past, whenever I wanted to increase my public profile. I deepened my connection with helpers who have always been with me in profound and practical ways. And I found the ease and confidence to choose and to progress on the path that I had been seeking.

If you want a Rocket Boost to accelerate your growth, your business, your vision, your life – play with Hiro. She’s a mistress of alchemy and a divine Diva of Play!”

Kathryn Elliott, PhD. Editor in Chief


Rule Your World from the Inside Out

“Calling all Seekers, Refiners, and the Spiritually Ambitious. Intentional Manifestors in search of some mojo. If light is part of your diet, you’re in for a feast here.

Some say time is quickening, awareness is rising within a critical mass. And others think we’re more wired and more disconnected than ever — our sacred senses dulled. Consciousness. Consumption. Freedom. Burnout.

So it’s divine timing that essential concepts like chakras and results, energy fields and to-do lists, meditation and success, begin to share the same space, the temporal space in which we strive to show up in life and work more fully. And the cosmic space that breeds creativity and genius.

As Hiro Boga teaches it, the metaphysical turns out to be very practical business, because, in her words, our sovereignty lives in the choices that we make in the day-to-day.

Hiro is a masterful guide of dimensions and intentions. What she offers is the luminosity that will help you – in the midst of crisis or creative tension – to see precisely where your power lays.

It’s certain, it’s unlimited, and it’s calling you.”

Danielle LaPorte, Bestselling Author and Speaker, Creator of The Desire Map

Melani Marx

“Your wise and gentle guidance still rings in my ears and informs my forward movement. I deeply appreciate the way you blend spiritual and energetic wisdom with business, creative projects and the practicalities of everyday life.

The whole concept of sovereignty was new to me–I have struggled with autonomy for most of my life, and the tools you gave us have helped tremendously. What a relief to begin to see what is mine (and what is not).

I cannot believe all the changes and forward movement that has happened since that rich time last spring. My business is blossoming and my life is juicy and deep and so very sweet. My creative life has begun to dance and swoop and have a joyous life of its own.

Thank you, Hiro, for the part you played in this.”

Melani Marx, Coach, Master Healer

Vikki Spencer

“Before Rule Your World, I lived in response to life — waiting for life to happen to me and then exhausting myself to deal with it. I struggled to understand how to engage with life authentically without being afraid.

Rule Your World has given me the tools to live with power and to create my world with openness and love. What I really wanted from this course was to find a new foundation for my personal life — which it did, beyond measure. But my relationships and business are also flourishing. My life is forever changed because I have the tools now to change it. Thank you x a million, Hiro.”

Vikki Spencer

“Hiro has created a masterpiece — simply reading or listening to this will change you.

If you feel overwhelmed, unsure of what you want, unable to get on with your “thing”, How To Rule Your World will help you find your way.

Truly this is so good, so lovely, a true heart-transmission.”

Jennifer Louden, Best-selling Author & Teacher

Lea Hamann

“There are some teachings that have the potential to completely transform your life — this is what How To Rule Your World From the Inside Out did for me.

When the course started, my feelings towards sovereignty were unclear. I had heard so much about it, and certainly I was sovereign in some parts of my life. But to be sovereign everywhere and all the time? That was something I couldn’t imagine.

This course showed me a practical way to stay centered, to be powerful in a loving way and to have strong boundaries that protect me.

Through the eight weeks of the program, a lot of changes happened, both in my life and my business. I have a new vision for my home and I learned how to structure and sequence change in a sustainable way. Finally I am hiring the help that I need.

Rule Your World showed me that my dreams don’t have to stay dreams. It gave me the tools to realize the true vision for my life. Of course these tools help me in my business as well. I am taking care of my working self in a more loving way. I have new daily rituals that keep my creativity flowing and bring me more abundance and joy.

I highly recommend this course!”

Lea Hamann, Coach

Eleanor Graham

“Rule Your World with Hiro, was like sitting down to a feast whose every detail has been crafted with care. Hiro lovingly leads you through the experience as you feast from a richness that will nourish you, body and soul.

There is depth and delight, subtlety and surprise in everything I’ve done with Hiro. The materials from her courses have become integral parts of my life and I will continue to learn more from them for years to come.

She has my highest respect and recommendation.”

Eleanor Graham, The Adventures of Nomad Nora

“Your spiritual healing work found me by serendipity as I searched for answers after a hard fall. I am immersed in your beautiful words of healing and truth. I am learning about sovereignty, about living authentically from the inside out, as many goods paths open I never dreamed possible. Thank you so much.”

Mary Jane Hewitt Thomas

Havi Brooks

“Hiro knows more about sovereignty and how it works than anyone I know, she is a brilliant teacher, and her work has completely changed so much of what I do and how I do it.”

Havi Brooks, The Fluent Self

Create! Mastermind Testimonial |

“I Love Rule Your World. It was a gift to learn how my body, thoughts, feelings, dreams, challenges, gifts and life belong to me. This is what children and businesses know; we need to remember it, in order to grow, nourish and participate joyfully in our life. Hiro Boga and Rule Your World will guide you, safely, wisely, joyfully and with lots of love! It changed my stories, relationships and my business. It brought me back to lightheartedness, joy, playfulness and wholeness.”

Marianne Oude Nijhuis, Orthopedagoog en mentor

Yael Saar

“How to Rule Your World from the Inside Out is the most useful kind of practical magic. Hiro’s ability to dish relatively esoteric principles in ways that not only make sense, but take root faster than you can imagine, is exceptional. Her voice is incredibly soothing, and her wisdom so nourishing, that I can’t recommend this program enough.”

Yael Saar

Amy Oscar

“Though I’ve worked with spiritual material for 25 years, I’ve never encountered a teacher who articulates the landscape of the psycho-spiritual realm so beautifully. The material in How To Rule Your World from the Inside Out is deep and rich and vivid – a thorough and beautiful reexamination of the energy anatomy of the body and soul. I offer a bow of humblest gratitude to a master teacher.”

Amy Oscar, Writer and Teacher


“My only regret about this program is that I didn’t have it much earlier in my life!

Hiro’s perspective on energy is different from anyone I’ve ever met and she is remarkably generous with her toolkit. I especially love her grounding techniques and know that they have helped me create a more successful business and a sense of peace.

This book is a gift from Hiro’s spirit that will resonate with anyone who desires sovereignty. I will go back to again and again to How to Rule Your World for ways to apply energy techniques that go way beyond the fundamentals. Don’t go to your favorite meditation spot without Hiro.”

Laurie Foley, Online Business Coach

“My dear friend Hiro Boga is the real deal when it comes to deeply understanding how the personal/spiritual/work elements weave together in your life. Check out this wonderful material.”

Pamela Slim, Creator of Escape From Cubicle Nation and the K’é Main Street Learning Lab


“Give your energy an overhaul, and learn to rule your world from the inside out with my friend Hiro Boga’s program. If you’re ready for exploration and discovery, this is the moment – this is the program. I swear by Hiro’s work – it has transformed my life.”

Michele Woodward, Career Strategist & Master Certified Coach

Nicola Chatham

“After taking Rule Your World, I went on a self-directed writing retreat to Bali, to work on a book. It isn’t finished, but it is coming along with a gentleness and support that feels nothing like the striving I’d initially begun with. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Your work has made such a beautiful impact in my life, creativity, sense of safety, direction and clarity. Because I’ve long loved nature and felt such connection with her, the grounding exercise brings immediate and felt changes in my energy. It feels like coming home. Thank you for the special space you hold, your presence and your love.”

Nicola Chatham, Organic Gardening Teacher, Author & Speaker

Lisa Gillespie
Lisa sharing her experience from the course “How to Rule Your World from the Inside Out”.

Suzette Clough
“I am totally in love with Rule your World from the Inside Out. Potent, truth-filled, compassionate, radical. Energy technology for inner sovereignty and wholeness. I feel so grateful. Thank you, Hiro.”

Suzette Clough, Artist, Creator of Visual Medicine


Dreaming in the Dark

Hillary Rubin

“This soulful journey was one of the best investments I have made for my business! When I did Dreaming in the Dark I was feeling heavy about my business, having some losses and challenges along the way. This program called to me because I knew deep down I had to rewrite the story and heal. What surprised me was how much more good there was, than I could see. I loved retreating at home and being on the journey with like-minded souls too! Meeting my Business Deva was the best part. She was big, powerful and had so much to share with me. A year later my business has grown with such synergy, and I made more income too!”

Hillary Rubin, spiritual life + career coach

Yael Saar

“Sweet Hiro,

Thank you so much for teaching Dreaming in the Dark. You helped me discover areas of joy around my business, pockets of sunshine that I hadn’t noticed before, because I was paying so much attention to the scary parts.

This class helped me claim my role as the playful tour guide of the UnGuilt Trip class for Moms, which I now lead locally here in Ithaca, while I work on offering it as an online class.

I re-listen to your class recordings about once a month now. This helps me get back in touch with my trust and confidence, like magic potions which allow me to boldly and gently go where I hadn’t dared to go before. I am so grateful for this. I have no doubt that you will see me again in your future classes.”

Yael Saar, PPD to Joy

Dr. Lisa Van Allen

“I’m usually the kind of person who loves and embraces change, but due to some health challenges this year, I found myself struggling with doubt and fear. I wanted to shift that fear into hope and confidence that even if the structure of my business changes, I’d still be making a difference. I decided to try Dreaming in the Dark with Hiro and partner with the soul of my business to face the coming year with confidence and joy. I was surprised how hard it was to look back over the last year. I was filled with regret and sorrow over missed opportunities and personal failures. I knew in my mind that I had done the best I could, but my heart hurt at the changes I had to make.

The biggest transformation I experienced was the release of sorrow — I discovered so much that was good in my work during this last year. My personal and spiritual values were lived out in every area of my business and my clients benefitted because of it. The exercise where we mapped out the country of our business helped me to see this so clearly. I fell in love with my work all over again and now see how my smaller boutique business can make a difference in people’s lives and in the world. I’m excited about the coming year and I’m clear on the vision and values that will drive the activity.

Mapping the country of my business shifted my emotions and helped me see the possibilities coming up. I intend to use the maps I created as the center of my strategic planning process this coming month, ensuring every activity is closely aligned with my core values. Dreaming in the Dark helped me let go of the past and prepare myself for an incredible year.”

Dr. Lisa Van Allen, Business Coach

Susan Seale

“Participating in Hiro’s Dreaming in the Dark program felt as though I’d entered the beauty and resonance of an Old Growth Forest…with a friend…who knew how to be present, yet quiet and who likely brought marshmallows for roasting later on. It was deeply nurturing, practical, fruitful and playful all at once. Thank you, Hiro!”

Susan Seale

Paula Orozco

“Hiro’s work is a constant reminder of all the inner resources available to me. She has given me a way to feel supported by the unseen forces at play in my life. Working with Hiro has not only transformed my business, it has radically transformed the way I approach all my relationships — beginning with my relationships with money, time, and with myself. During my 15 years of self-development I have never experienced wholeness in such a deep and practical way.

The Dreaming in the Dark retreat was so rich. It taught me how to map out my inner journey first, so that the journey with my business is full of clarity and alignment with my desires.

I’m beyond grateful for Hiro, her gentleness, and her unique alchemy. She is the real deal.”

Paula Orozco, Coach, Reiki Master Teacher

Grace Quantock

“Thank you for the truly amazing course, Dreaming in the Dark.

I am experiencing deep, profound and powerful learning and shifts. And discovering the delight of connecting with and working with my Business Deva.

Studying with you has been a blessing. In the story of my year, I see your wisdom as a source of flowing inspiration and joy.

With much gratitude and love,


Grace Quantock: wellness provocateur, writer & ethical entrepreneur

Dr. Ahava Shira
“I decided to explore Dreaming in the Dark because I wanted to dream into the next year of my business. I was exploring how to synthesize my work supporting others’ creativity with my own creative needs, to discover a greater balance between them. I wanted to understand how to practice better boundaries with students and to create systems in my business that would support that! Dreaming in the Dark was intense and it required me to go deeply into the details. It required a commitment to keeping on going with it, to trust the process. Writing the calendars for the year behind and the year ahead were both powerful as it gave me a chance to recognize the shape of my business. I could then juxtapose that with my own creative process and get a sense of the flow and my needs for focus and self-care. When I look ahead to what’s next, I’m excited about the flexibility I can create in my business and the possibilities I hadn’t considered before. The relationship with my Business Deva is also exciting. I look forward to seeing how it evolves. Hiro helped me to take stronger ownership of my business process and, while a little terrifying, it’s also very exciting.”

Dr. Ahava Shira, Creative Mentor

Shayla Wright

“‘Dreaming in the Dark’ is one of the most powerful online retreats I have participated in. With Hiro’s guidance, through her voice, her questions, her energy, and her loving intelligence, I was encouraged to go on a deep inner journey.

Throughout our 2 days together, I was conscious of how rarely we are able to find such a sacred, deeply reflective, and supportive space. Instead of taking a few minutes whenever I can find them, to work with the questions and engage in the reflections that Hiro offered us, I was able to slow down and give this process my complete attention for two full days. What a radical difference. I discovered new possibilities for my work, new inspiration and confidence in where my vision is taking me. And I was able to articulate concrete and specific ways to ground what emerged in very practical steps that I will take over the next 12 months.

Hiro offered us a large body of material to work with. I’m grateful for her generosity, and will be going back over all of it in the weeks to come.”

Shayla Wright

Andrea Hiltbrunner

“When I came across Hiro’s website I was fascinated! Then I discovered Dreaming in the Dark and I knew that this was calling me so strongly. I absolutely wanted to be a part of it. Honestly it was very intense for me. So much energy and power and inner shifts, that I needed to take breaks and breaths. I was so delighted when I was able to share my experiences on the live call with Hiro. I was blown away by her energy and her voice. This soft voice and this absolute power at the same time.

All of this has shifted me already in so many ways. Hiro’s retreat was one of the most intense and powerful I have ever taken. I still work with the material and I am gaining new insights daily.

This is business from the inside out. This is pure sustainability, receptivity and nourishment. Thank you, Hiro, for opening my eyes.”

Andrea Hiltbrunner

Mair Dundon

“I’m in the process of rebuilding my business after a serious illness. As my bones heal and knit so am I mending and minding my emotional, mental and spiritual worlds. I’m clear I’m not going to be able to return to the practices that I engaged in previously…and so I wanted to engage it all differently. I’ve also been finding it challenging to practice visioning when life has altered so drastically and there is so much unknown. I love doing the work of visioning and really wanted to use Dreaming in the Dark as a way to show up and continue that practice — even though I didn’t know what would happen. I was also excited about getting to know my Business Deva — a concept I had never heard before now. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed getting to know my Business Deva. I wasn’t expecting to discover a rich and powerful presence that would provide strength and support in this time of unknowns.

In participating in Dreaming in the Dark there were two major transformational moments for me: The first was when I was doing the meditations with the body and with the objects around me and you led me to experience their love and pleasure IN ME. That moved things nicely toward feeling awake and supported. And then when I realized that I had a partner in my Business Deva — that I could share and receive in an interactive, collaborative relationship. Powerful.

There are so many good things that are coming to life in the new garden of my business. I loved the meditations, relationships with the cosmos, earth and Business Deva, as well as mapping what’s here now, what was, and what may become. I examined my business with a level of detail I’ve never experienced before. Hiro guides you to enter into the world of your own making, reflect on what has passed, what’s here now and what is yet to come with the aid of resources that were previously hidden from you in the form of Devas and Soul Qualities that are all around you and that delight and support you at every turn.”

Mair Dundon, Career & Business Coach

Jackie Stewart

“Awoke to the softest mists over the woodland knowing that life will never be the same again. A rich, playful, healing and enlightening weekend exploring the Dreaming in the Dark retreat, reconnecting to my soul essence and devic kingdom. Sacred magic.”

Jackie Stewart, Flower Essence Practitioner

Linda Kroll

“The wonderful SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) told me about Hiro. I had ventured into online programs almost two years ago, and life and health had thrown a few curves. I wanted to continue to move forward and bring more ease and flow into my work and programs. I felt overwhelmed and stuck in spinning energy that kept me from moving forward with the focus and inspiration I wanted to feel.

My pattern was to go after every shiny object and keep myself stuck with indecision and fear. I was hopeful when I heard about Hiro and thrilled when I listened to one of her audios. I could tell that her wisdom, energy and gifts were just the right next step for me. She exceeded all my expectations with her presence, wisdom, heart and loving guidance.

In the middle of the weekend, I could feel a shift happening. I was able to look at all of the old stories and limiting beliefs I was carrying – with a much deeper perspective than I’d ever seen them before.

There were too many transformative moments to mention, but when Hiro sent me the poem on Icarus, in response to my fear of flying too high, I finally felt free to soar. Each person she mentored on the calls reflected as aspect of myself, so the transformations kept coming.

It’s only been ONE week after the retreat, and I am moving forward in my business with a new clarity, energy and focus. I feel like I had been a little girl hiding in the curtains of the stage, afraid to come out of hiding.

Now I feel supported by my future self and all the Devas who are encouraging me to just be and have fun! I’m looking forward to working and connecting with much more joy!

I’m most excited about launching my new website and my Compassionate Mediation Training Program, and finally manifesting all the books, workshops, products and programs I have begun over a lifetime of writing, and offering therapy and mediation.

One of the best techniques I learned was to project the future year by looking at it from the end backwards. Once I looked at the following year from the vantage point of December 31, 2015, the steps I need to take to make it all happen seemed to fall into place. All of her writings, meditations, questions, and coaching are amazing!

The experience with Hiro is a priceless gift you need to give yourself and your business. She is a generous and talented coach and a rare and intuitive being of Light.

Thanks, Hiro – for everything. I’ll be back! Xoxo”

Linda Kroll

Anna Guest-Jelley

“The Heart of Support Deep Dive came at the perfect time in my life. Hiro’s beautifully crafted day allowed for inspiration, reflection and the experience of support. That taste of support in the moment opened me to the possibility of finding it in other ways beyond the Deep Dive, too. A day spent with Hiro (and her lovely tribe) is a very good day indeed.”

Anna Guest-Jelley

Healing Internet Hangover

Michelle Marlahan

“I’m having post-Healing Internet Hangover class sadness today it was such a great course.

The very first class was worth the cost of the whole course, and it only got better. Hiro gave us tools to understand the energy of the internet and our relationship with it. Using these skills, I can now identify (and trust) why some sites feel better than others, when I’m reaching max saturation, and how to recover if I am online too long. Overall, I’m so much more aware of who I am online and how the internet affects me.

Hiro’s style is so loving and embracing. There is no “wrong” or “bad.” Her openness and generosity foster learning and deep inner shifts that couldn’t happen with a different teaching style.

I have a new relationship with the internet and being online that is more healthy and based in choice and awareness. And the skills and tools I learned from this course apply to all parts of my life. Hiro, thank you!!”

Michelle Marlahan, It’s All Yoga

Eleanor Graham

“Although I signed up for this class because I wanted to change my patterns and actions with the internet, I’ve been introduced to techniques that reach far deeper into myself and my relationship with the world.

This sort of inside-out work is exactly what I need in order to transform myself and my patterns/actions. There is so much richness in each of the class sessions and playbooks.”

Eleanor Graham, The Adventures of Nomad Nora

“I was a participant in Healing Internet Hangover, which I found to be a stunningly rich experience. So rich that I feel I’m only beginning to integrate the information and tools that you gave us.

Thank you in particular for the answer you posted, to my question on the course page, and the information you gave on electromagnetic frequencies.

I also want to tell you how regularly stunned I am, by how beautiful and rich your blogging is. The wealth you offer is really quite immense.

Thank you for all that you offer the world.”

Karen Sharp

Joy Agcongay

“So many folks I trust have worked with Hiro that I signed up for her Healing Internet Hangover class.

Hiro is a generous, gifted and compassionate teacher. She is grounded in deep, deep knowledge and wisdom. Plus, she shares specific techniques and guided visualizations you can put to use immediately. And yes, they are practical and they work!

Hiro created a non-threatening, fully supportive environment for us develop and practice these life skills, essentially a toolbox of options. She also is a skilled, but gentle facilitator in guiding each of us to tap into our own inner knowing.

I now approach the way I spend my time online with intention and awareness. The class has also helped me deal with awful moments of anxiety and overstimulation, and I reach less often for external validation, distractions and/or satisfactions. I highly recommend it.”

Joy Agcongay, Joy Agcongay Marketing

Shannon Wilkinson

“Before Hiro’s class, I’d find myself mindlessly clicking around the internet, searching for something, but never really finding it. I would end up feeling drained and unproductive.

After just two of the Healing Internet Hangover classes I noticed big shifts in how I spend time online, and more importantly, how I feel afterwards. Now, I have much more awareness during my time online, and use the internet purposefully and productively.

The Playbook has also been so helpful. It’s full of Hiro’s wisdom, shared in a way that I can really take it in. I love that I can refer back to it, and to the recordings to refresh my memory, deepen the learning and get a dose of calming, grounded and playful wisdom any time I need it.”

Shannon Wilkinson, Your Life: Inspired

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Co-create a new vision of success, with your soul as guide.

Enter your email address to receive Sweet Success and the Soul of Your Business, a 7-day digital course in energy alchemy that invites you to create a more prosperous, sustainable business — in partnership with your soul, and the soul of your business. (You’ll also receive monthly inspiration and guidance.)

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