Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Discover How To Rule Your World From The Inside Out

Free Guide & Meditation

Do you feel like you’re reacting to the world around you — at the mercy of other people, or of your circumstances?

Imagine being able to choose how you want to feel, instead. Imagine shaping your life according to your deepest desires.

Imagine feeling creatively masterful and deeply at home in your world, instead of feeling spun around in circles by things beyond your control.

You can do this, using the skills and tools of energy alchemy.

These skills and practices have been used by thousands of my students to transform their lives and create what they truly want.

And the good news is, I’ve made it easier than ever for you to begin — with this guide and meditation, which is absolutely free and available for immediate download.

Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Inside this 27-page playbook and accompanying audio recording:

  • You’ll learn to identify what it looks and feels like when you’ve lost your sovereignty (as we all do, at one time or another)
  • You’ll experience a guided meditation and practice that will help you transform one of the challenges you’re facing right now into an opportunity to move toward your most radiant dreams and desires
  • You’ll take inspired action to begin reclaiming the sovereignty that dwells within you as a seed or potential, waiting for you to bring it alive

And you’ll leave knowing, with certainty, that you have the innate capacity to bring your deepest desires into existence.

(Even if you’ve struggled with feeling powerless in any area of your business, your relationships, or your life.)

This free guide and meditation is my gift to you, in loving service to your deepest desires.

Begin now, today. Begin ruling your world, from the inside out.

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Melani Marx

“The whole concept of sovereignty was new to me. I have struggled with autonomy for most of my life, and the tools you gave us have helped tremendously. What a relief to begin to see what is mine (and what is not). I cannot believe all the changes and forward movement that has happened since that rich time last spring. My business is blossoming and my life is juicy and deep and so very sweet. My creative life has begun to dance and swoop and have a joyous life of its own. Thank you, Hiro, for the part you played in this.”

Melani Marx, Coach, Master Healer

“Your spiritual healing work found me by serendipity as I searched for answers after a hard fall. I am immersed in your beautiful words of healing and truth. I am learning about sovereignty, about living authentically from the inside out, as many goods paths open I never dreamed possible. Thank you so much.”

Mary Jane Hewitt Thomas

Amy Oscar

“Though I’ve worked with spiritual material for 25 years, I’ve never encountered a teacher who articulates the landscape of the psycho-spiritual realm so beautifully. I offer a bow of humblest gratitude to a master teacher.”

Amy Oscar, Writer and Teacher

About Hiro

Hiro Boga is a writer, teacher and mentor to visionary leaders who are shaping a world in which service and prosperity, soul and entrepreneurship, work hand in hand to create a world that works for everyone.

Over the past thirty-five years, Hiro has helped thousands of clients and students reclaim joy, freedom, creative power and sovereignty in their businesses, their relationships, and their lives.

As a mentor and teacher, Hiro blends transformative energy technologies, the magic of story, and grounded spiritual practices with pragmatic business strategies.

Hiro offers a core curriculum of self-study programs In energy alchemy and soul-centered business. She works privately with evolutionary leaders to bring their most creative visions to life through a skillful blend of inner and outer work. The results are both practical and profound.

Hiro Boga

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