Deva Alchemy Leadership Certification


The Deva Alchemy Leadership Certification is a mystery school, consciousness lab, transformation-and energy-alchemy playground, and soul-aligned business-ecology building space for leaders. My intention, with this program, is to offer you a clear and practical cosmology that embraces all the spaces in which we function — our physical world, subtle energy worlds, and multidimensional worlds — as each of these informs how we show up in our businesses and our communities, and how we serve our vision of a world that is richly diverse, equitable, and inclusive of all forms of life; a world that works for everyone.

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This will be an intimate, intentionally co-created community. We each bring to this journey our own unique vision, wisdom, experiences, desires and the ways in which we work and serve. Together, we will learn, grow, practice, and develop a community of intelligent hearts and creative minds. While the program curriculum is structured and sequenced for optimal learning, there will be a lot of room for exploration, discovery and expansion within the container of the program.

My role in our community is to craft and hold the field in which we will gather and grow together. Also, to create and deliver the program curriculum, provide a forum in which you can connect, share with and support each other, and offer fortnightly live calls for Q&A and integration. I will walk every step of this journey with you as you explore new worlds and new ways of approaching the worlds you already inhabit. You will clarify what you and your business need now, in order to flourish, and you’ll apply all you’re learning, in your own life first, and then with clients and in your business.



The daily practice of energy alchemy and working in both the subtle energy and multidimensional realms will grow you and your business in ways you cannot begin to imagine. In a world whose hallmark is profound uncertainty, chaos and unpredictability, the usual ways of planning for the future simply don’t work any longer. When the most basic variables are unknown or unpredictable, decision-making requires us to use skills beyond the purely linear and rational.

As a leader, your intuitive mind is a profound asset, especially in times of such global disarray. But intuitive mastery requires more than learning to trust your gut feelings, which can mislead you in various ways if your energetic boundaries are muddy or wobbly.

Energy alchemy skills, as I teach them, are to intuition as completing a PhD in quantum physics is to graduating from high school.

Leadership mastery calls on you to embody aspects of your soul and its powers so that you can apply them in precise and nuanced ways, both in your life and in your work.

In the Deva Alchemy Leadership Certification you’ll learn a complete set of foundational skills, practices and energy technologies that will help you be a more effective, collaborative leader, one who understands the nuances of intersectionality and the necessities of power in bringing a vision to life. One who can engage and inspire your clients and community to take a stand for their values and act to fulfill them.

Because this is experiential learning, you will have structured time to practice, both on your own and with your assigned practice partners. You will also learn, through direct demonstrations during our live integration calls, advanced skills in how to work with specific issues.

This program will help you grow in skill, sovereignty, courage and confidence. It will also offer you entirely unique ways to shape your business’s ecology with nuance, care and precision, in alignment with the pattern that the Deva of your business holds for its perfect unfolding.

You will learn a profoundly practical set of skills that will benefit you, your clients and customers, and your community for years to come. Once you’ve learned and embodied these practices, the only real limits to what you can do with them are those imposed by your own creative imagination.


This program is for you if you are a mature, thoughtful, experienced coach, therapist or other mental health professional, entrepreneur, founder, CEO, social entrepreneur, physician or other medical professional or a transformational leader in your field. You don’t need a background in energy alchemy or transformational leadership to apply for the program, though chances are, if this work calls to you, you are already a leader in your field, and are using your intuitive capacities in your work and life.

If you want to develop your alchemical skills in a systematic, focused, methodical way, I would love to have you in this program. Our work together will open up multidimensional worlds, but more importantly, it will significantly enhance the quality of your everyday life and expand the scope and efficacy of your professional work.


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Why Work With Me?

You are a seasoned professional, likely with decades of experience under your belt. What can this program offer you that you don’t already know? And why trust me to provide you with skills that will truly serve you, your business, and your clients for a lifetime?

For one thing, I’ve been an entrepreneur, mentor, creator of transformational programs and teacher for more than 40 years. This is my life’s work, and I’m very good at it.

I know, from experience, what it takes to build a creative business that lasts. A business that is regenerative, nourishing, grounded in unshakeable values, and flexible enough to meet the changing demands of our times with grace, power and integrity. A business that’s guided by its own soul, and yours, every step of the way.

As a master teacher, I’ve created dozens of powerful programs for visionary leaders who are working to create a world that works for everyone. I would love to partner with you to add essential skills to your professional toolkit, and to help you build a business that flourishes for many years to come.