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Helen Hunter Mackenzie

An entrepreneur, business & marketing strategist, writer, and teacher, Helen helps creative women entrepreneurs do their most meaningful work in the world and be paid well for it. 

After more than two decades as a corporate manager helping startups bring new medical technologies to market, she founded her own business & marketing consultancy in 2012, and later founded and ran a successful digital copywriting agency alongside her primary business for 5 years. She has helped many top transformational leaders develop, market, and launch online programs enrolling in the thousands – as well as helping countless entrepreneurs create and develop their online presence and messaging. She has also led several of her own successful online programs on both marketing and personal transformation.

As Hiro’s Content Marketing Strategist, Helen’s primary focus is on creating marketing content that connects deeply and authentically with visitors in the world of Hiro’s business, meets them in the midst of their current challenges and desires, and invites them to embark on a journey into Hiro’s work that will lead to profound transformation in their businesses and their lives.

Over the five-plus years Helen has been a part of Hiro’s team, she has developed a deep appreciation for Hiro’s work, an affinity for Hiro’s brilliant, unique community of soulful entrepreneurs, and a passion for advancing Hiro’s message through sturdy marketing frameworks and clear, authentic marketing content.

Mandy McIlwraith

After graduating from Vancouver Island University in 2009 with a double major in English & History, Mandy accepted a position with a large telecom and quickly began moving up the ranks of its call center. Realizing that she was uniquely skilled at solving difficult technical and customer challenges, Mandy began to consider how she might apply her talents outside the corporate world and in more heart-centered businesses.

She took an opportunity to run the Human Resources, Payroll, Bookkeeping, & Administration of a small local business – and, after completing top-tier training in business administration and online marketing, she set up her own online business administration firm with Hiro as one of her first clients. Today, her firm is booked solid supporting powerhouse, heart-based women entrepreneurs, handling the operational aspects that grow and support their businesses.

As Business Manager at Team Hiro Boga, Mandy serves as the operational backbone that supports and enhances each customer’s journey inside the world of Hiro’s business. For more than seven years, Mandy has overseen all of the client service, back-end administration, and project management activities that support and grow Hiro’s business.

She takes particular pride in helping Hiro’s uniquely powerful work reach the people for whom it is meant.


About Hiro

I mentor women founders of small to mid-size (6-, 7- and 8-figure) businesses. While profitability is not the most important metric for a soul-led business, it does offer a convenient shorthand to describe the thousands of creatively ambitious, inspired and passionate women it has been my privilege to mentor through significant stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

For 40 years, I’ve been a pioneer in the field of feminist entrepreneurship, holistic, transformative business, energy alchemy, and soul-inspired creativity. I’ve worked with thousands of women like you — creative, soulful, devoted business artists — to grow lives and businesses that serve you, your community and our world in meaningful ways.

As a life-long teacher, I’ve crafted dozens of successful programs, authored several digital products and ebooks, and spent four decades practicing and teaching the energetics of building, growing and running successful businesses that are designed to flourish over a lifetime and to leave a legacy of service and grace.

Hiro Boga