Join Us for this free preview recording of
Rule Your World From the Inside Out

(recorded on Wednesday, June 29th, 2022)


Why listen to the call recording?

  • Events of the past few years have left you feeling shaky, uncertain about what’s next, but clear that the world has changed, and your priorities have changed with it. You are looking for a way of living and working that is coherent, integrated with your values, and sustainable.
  • You’re ready to live, love, work and play from a place of true clarity, love, and power, to no longer feel at the mercy of circumstances – but to actively engage in transforming them and shaping the world in which you want to live.
  • You crave a warm and supportive container, a safe harbor in which to learn and practice the tools and skills to grow your sovereignty, and you’re curious whether this facilitated version of Rule Your World is right for you at this time.
Rule Your World - Hiro Boga

Whatever your reasons for wanting to experience the call, you are so welcome.

Come with questions about Rule Your World: Is it right for you? What can you expect from taking this course? How will it benefit you? Will it make your life easier, more playful, creatively juicy, joyous? Will it help you enter into right relationship with the things that are burdening you right now? 

Or come for any reason at all – even if simply for the whisper of a feeling you’re meant to experience this event with our program facilitator, Mariko, other like-minded souls, and the Deva of Rule Your World from the Inside Out.

Mariko will briefly introduce herself and offer a live teaching, followed by Q&A. My intention, with this free preview call is to provide a chance for you to experience Mariko’s  presence and leadership first-hand; to offer you a direct experience of the energetic power of a co-creative circle; and to offer you an opportunity to discover what’s possible when you step into your creative power to rule your world from the inside out.

If you’re intrigued by the program, and want to enjoy a taste of it before deciding whether Rule Your World is right for you, come and experience it for yourself.

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I’m delighted to offer you this taste of the Rule Your World experience! I wish you the joy of creating your heart’s desires, from the inside out.

About Mariko Gordon, Your Guest Facilitator

While Rule Your World has been offered as a self-study program for the past several years, I’m delighted to introduce you to Mariko Gordon, our facilitator for this summer session of the program. 

Mariko brings a uniquely valuable perspective to the subject of sovereignty and soul leadership. As a pioneer in the field of money management, she founded a hugely successful boutique capital management firm in the 1990s, when there were few women (particularly women of colour) on Wall Street. 

Mariko has been my client for a decade and is deeply familiar with my programs. She brings a textured, multicultural, loving and skilled presence to accompany you on your journey through creative sovereignty.