A Free Renew Mini-Immersion


Listen to our call replay which took place on

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

Interested in the Renew: A Spring Business Alchemy Immersion, which begins on April 11th, but want to enjoy a sample before plunging in?

Listen in to a replay of a live mini-immersion which was held on Wednesday, March 31st.

Why join us for the replay of the Splash! mini-immersion?

  • The past year has felt overwhelming in ways you can’t fully define, or in ways you’re well aware of, but are still struggling to integrate and make meaning of.
  • You’re ready to craft the next joyful chapter of your business, and you want to do so from a place of soul leadership, creative sovereignty, and attunement to the soul of your business.
  • You crave a supportive container, a safe harbor in which to grow the fertile seeds of the future of your business, and you’re curious whether the immersive quality of Renew and the co-creative community are the right fit for you at this time.
Hiro Boga

Bring your beautiful soul, the soul of your business, your most cherished dreams for the future. Listen in for your own reasons, or simply because your heart is nudging you.

Join us. You may discover unexpected answers to questions you didn’t know were troubling the waters of your soul… find a home for your business’s tender dreams… or join us with no expectations at all, except to discover why your heart has led you to this opportunity, and to our circle.

Bring your brokenheartedness over a past year of unprecedented change, your joy and curiosity at what the future holds for the world, and for the world of your business.

My intention, with this call, is to offer you a direct experience of the energetic power of a co-creative circle, and to guide you to an experience of what’s possible when you connect with the soul of your business and revitalize your relationship with it, so you can re-envision it in joyful detail.

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About Hiro

I mentor women founders of small to mid-size (6-, 7- and 8-figure) businesses. While profitability is not the most important metric for a soul-led business, it does offer a convenient shorthand to describe the thousands of creatively ambitious, inspired and passionate women it has been my privilege to mentor through significant stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

For 40 years, I’ve been a pioneer in the field of feminist entrepreneurship, holistic, transformative business, energy alchemy, and soul-inspired creativity. I’ve worked with thousands of women like you — creative, soulful, devoted business artists — to grow lives and businesses that serve you, your community and our world in meaningful ways.

As a life-long teacher, I’ve crafted dozens of successful programs, authored several digital products and ebooks, and spent four decades practicing and teaching the energetics of building, growing and running successful businesses that are designed to flourish over a lifetime and to leave a legacy of service and grace.

Hiro Boga