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A Gift For You

I’m so happy to offer you a digital copy of my award-winning book, To Be Soul, Do Soul.

Whether you long to make art, write a book, nurture a business or engage in sacred activism to create a world that works for everyone, To Be Soul, Do Soul offers wisdom and inspiration to fuel your journey with love, joy, delight and magic.

This exquisite volume comprises a collection of playful and profound practices to support you in strengthening your relationship with your soul, and to more fully embody the soul qualities that lie within you as seeds or potentials. As you practice being soul, you’ll expand your ability to do soul — to serve the soul of the world

To Be Soul Do Soul book

Enhance your practice

This book and audio book are intended to aid you in your practice of being soul by doing soul. Both being and doing are essential elements of the practice.

If you choose, begin each day by listening to and reading a practice from the book. Immerse yourself in it, explore its nuances and depths, discover what it reveals to you, about yourself, about your world. You are in relationship with this practice — offer it the rich gifts of your intelligent heart and tender, creative imagination.

Then, write or draw in your journal — explore your insights, trust the inner knowing that emerges for you as you engage these practices more deeply. Paint, dance, sing — include your body in your practice. Make a plan that feels true to your personhood, and put it into action — find your own uniquely creative ways to be and do soul in your home, work, neighbourhood, and community.

Listen to the audio recording while walking your favorite beach, or hiking a beloved mountain trail; waiting in line, or at the end of your regular meditation session.

Or, simply listen as you’re getting ready for bed, and invite the practice to work in and through you throughout the night, revealing more of what it means to you, and more of how you might bring it to life the next day.

Be Soul Do Soul book Hiro Boga

The print edition of To Be Soul, Do Soul is available to purchase, in hardcover, paperback, and here as an audiobook

If you’re interested in holding a print copy of the book in your hands, you can purchase it on Amazon and through most other e-retailers.

To learn more about the Devas, play with my free, online Deva Cards. Begin your day by choosing two soul qualities to explore and embody that day. Or, call on the Devas when you’re facing a particularly difficult decision, and let them guide you to the wisdom of your soul.

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